All the fantasy and sci-fi shows still available in 2021 and where to stream them


2021 has been a very good year for television so far, and there are still quite a few shows to look forward to in the last two months of the year and into January 2022.

The following list includes fantasy, sci-fi, and horror shows airing over the next three months on Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Amazon Prime, and Disney Plus.

This is not an exhaustive list, as some shows do not yet have solid release dates and could still fall within this window. I can also only track down a number of them, so if there’s an upcoming genre show you’re excited about that isn’t on this list, let me know and I’ll try to add it to this post.

Show as Dragon house (a Game Of Thrones prequel) and The boys season 3, as well as The Witcher: Origin of Blood are all still too far away to have a fixed release date. Same for Obi-wan on Disney +.

But there are quite a few big fantasy and sci-fi shows coming out by January. Let’s take a look at some of the most exciting that you can stream in the coming months.

Arcane (November 6 – Netflix)

This Netflix Original animated show is based on the hugely popular competitive PC game League of Legends by Riot Games. I am not a MDR player, so I don’t really know how it fits together, but I’ve watched the screeners and enjoyed it so far. This is aimed at teenagers and adults rather than kids and promises some great action and a really cool animation style.

Hit-Monkey (November 17 – Hulu)

Does anyone else have a little Archer the mood of this trailer? Hulu’s Marvel Animated Show Hit the monkey is about an assassin monkey who sometimes wears a costume. Honestly, I have no idea what this show is about and have never read the comics it’s based on, but I’m sold anyway. Assassin monkey? Yes please.

Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 (November 18 – Paramount Plus)

All I know is that after really enjoying the first two seasons of Star Trek: Discovery—warts and all – I sort of totally missed Season 3 and only realized when I saw Season 4 heading towards Paramount Plus. The show was previously on CBS All Access but Star Trek has moved to Paramount where you can also watch of yellowstone season ahead in November (this show certainly ended on a cliffhanger!). So I need to catch up Discovery before even watching this trailer.

The Wheel of Time (November 19 – Amazon Prime)

I am really very excited for Wheel of time after watching the trailer above and the Moiraine’s quest trailer (here). The big budget adaptation of Robert Jordan’s books looks epic and should get rid of that epic fantasy itch. As I pointed out earlier, however, don’t expect this to replace Game Of Thrones. It’s a very different kind of fantasy.

Cowboy Bebop (November 19 – Netflix)

Cowboy Bebop is one of the most anticipated Netflix shows of the next month, although it does have some really big shoes to fill. It is a live adaptation of one of the most beloved animated series ever created. Hope this can do the original justice.

Find out what’s coming to Netflix in November 2021 here.

Hellbound (November 19 – Netflix)

I just heard about it Hell and I’m pretty excited. On the one hand, it is manufactured by Last train to Busan creator Yeon Sang-ho. This is one of my favorite zombie movies of all time (Koreans are so good at zombies that I don’t really know why, see, for example, Kingdom on Netflix). Either way, this one looks. . . very strange. I’m not sure what to think of the demonic creatures in the trailer, but I am confident it will be a fun and tense ride.

Hawkeye (November 24 – Disney Plus)

Finally the MCU is having a Christmas special! Well, not exactly. It’s a Christmas-themed show that focuses on Hawkeye and his new acquaintance, Kate Bishop. Both are archers and it looks like Bishop will take on some sort of tutelage under Hawkeye’s wing (this formulation works surprisingly well).

The show is much like Marvel’s version of Planes, Trains & Automobiles. Hawkeye has to return home for the holidays but runs into unforeseen obstacles. He ends up enlisting Bishop to help him find his family in time for Christmas, jingle all the way. Sounds like fun to me!

The Expanse Season 6 (December 10 – Amazon Prime)

I like The extent books but I never got into the show, mainly because I love books and wanted to finish them all first. I’m reading an advanced reader copy of the final novel, Leviathan Falls, at present. I will have a review on this blog when it releases at the end of November.

Of course, season 6 of The extent is also the final season and the series ends way before the books, so you might as well dive in. I probably won’t be able to watch all five seasons until Season 6 is released, otherwise I would criticize it. But maybe. We will see. People keep telling me this is a must see show, but I keep telling them books are better.

The Witcher Season 2 (December 17 – Netflix)

What a great trailer this is, and it looks like that of the witcher the second season will be even better than the first, with a bigger budget for things like better looking wigs. Geralt’s hair looks a lot more realistic this time around, that’s for sure. Season 2 will see Geralt take Ciri to the Citadel of Witcher Kaer Morhen for Witcher’s training. Looks like Yennefer is in trouble, so I’m sure we’ll have a lot of action, intrigue, and witchcraft when (after two full years) it lands on Netflix just in time for Christmas.

Boba Fett’s Book (December 29 – Disney Plus)

The only show without a trailer on this list is Boba Fett’s book, one of many Mandalorian future spinoffs on Disney +. This one talks about bounty hunter Boba Fett as he settles into Jaba the Hutt’s former palace on Tatooine. Expect a trailer and more details soon. I’m excited for this one, but I’m also a little worried that Disney and LucasFilm will bite more than they can chew with the sheer number of Star Wars shows on the horizon.

Bonus: Peacemaker (January 13 – HBO Max)

This is not a 2021 TV show so I call it a bonus but Peacemaker is always around the corner. Jean Cena reprise his role as a superhero who cherishes peace with all his heart. He doesn’t care how many men, women and children he has to kill to get it. Cena was a highlight in the new Suicide Squad movie and I’m excited for more of his ridiculous shenanigans.

That’s all folks! What shows are you looking forward to? Something I missed that I should add to the list? Let me know about Twitter or Facebook.

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