Active online consumers want a great app

The Pacific and South Atlantic regions of the United States have the highest levels of digital engagement as well as the highest levels of interest in a “super app” – a tool to integrate all aspects of their digital lives in a single, central location.

Conversely, the Midwest and Mountain regions have the lowest levels of numerical engagement and interest in a super app.

When six U.S. regions are compared to each other, the level of digital engagement correlates quite well with the level of interest in a super app, according to PYMNTS’ latest edition of The ConnectedEconomy™ monthly report, which is based on a survey of of approximately 2,500 American consumers.

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The Pacific is the US region with the highest digital engagement, with consumers using the ConnectedEconomy™ online for 46% of their routine activities.

This is followed by the South Atlantic, a region in which consumers conduct 41% of their routine activities online.

The Midwest is where digital engagement is lowest. There, the use of the ConnectedEconomy™ by consumers is estimated at 33%.

The second lowest level of numerical engagement – 36% – is found in the Mountains region.

Figure 1

Consumer interest in using a super app is highest in the South Atlantic region, where 65% of consumers say they have some level of interest in a super app.

Not far behind is the Pacific, where consumer interest in a super app stands at 64%.

Consumer interest in using a super app is lowest in the Mountains region, where 59% of consumers say they have some level of interest in a super app.

The second lowest level of interest – 60% – is in the Midwest.

Figure 2

Consumer demand for digital consolidation aligns pretty well with what they do online – the more digital activities consumers do online, the more they want a single, integrated user interface.



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