6 TV Shows Filmed in British Columbia That May Soon Be Canceled

Before streaming became the dominant way to binge-watch shows, episodic television had a more rigid schedule, with many series starting in September and ending around April.

For shows that have retained this format, spring is when executives decide which shows are renewed and which are cancelled. (Or until a reboot.)

Hollywood trade magazines like Deadline are eagerly following up on this information with a running list of shows that are safe for another season, on the verge of being canceled and gone for good.

A few shows filmed in and around the Lower Mainland may not be back.

Shows filmed in British Columbia that are not yet renewed for the 2022 season

A million little things

This multi-layered series has a great cast and intersecting stories (like the much-loved It’s us, which is in its final season). Deadline reports that his chances of renewal are around 50-50.

The 4400

This complex reboot mixes science fiction and mystery. When 4,400 people disappear via a light beam and are dropped off at the foot of a mountain, a cascade of strange events follows their rescue.


Another reboot on the CW roster is Charm, which is in its fourth season and often tours New Westminster. Given its streaming potential, it has a strong chance of returning.

Legends of tomorrow

This DC Comic show ran for seven seasons. Will there be a lucky number eight? To be determined.


After the first season, this series underwent a major cast change when star Ruby Rose left and was replaced by Javicia Leslie. There has been a major drop in ratings, but there is still a chance that this series will return.


While most superhero characters have long comic book histories, this unique and more recent origin story was written in 2019 and adapted for television by Ava DuVernay. It centers on a bright teenage girl (Naomi) who runs a Superman fan site and gets pulled into the action when something mysterious happens in her Oregon town.

Shows filmed in British Columbia that are renewed for 2022


Hoping to catch a glimpse of Cole Sprouse at Starbucks? There is still time as Riverdale has been renewed for a seventh season. So far, there has been a serial killer, a cult, aliens, and a time jump that has bridged the gap between the age of the characters and the actors. No one knows where season seven will go.

the flash

True to its name, The Flash seems to be everywhere in Vancouver, and it’s not uncommon to stumble upon a film set down the street.

Kung Fu

Vancouver replaces San Francisco in this series and Chinatown landmarks (like the Chinese Cultural Center Museum) and storefronts and restaurants like Gain Wah (on Keefer) are featured. The series is also filming at a studio in Langley.

Nancy Drew

This series is set in Horseshoe Bay, Maine and often films in Horseshoe Bay, West Vancouver. It differs from the book series in that this college-aged Nancy deals with supernatural mysteries and is not a high school crime-solving detective.

Superman and Lois

A suburban take on the superhero and his super-journalist wife as they navigate the realities of modern parenthood won rave reviews for its first season and is already filming season two.

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