6 Arabic shows to binge watch

If you’re looking for Arabic shows to binge-watch, here’s a list of the most-watched series with English subtitles that were in the spotlight last month.

  • ‘Rageen Ya Hawa’

    After going bankrupt in Europe, Baleigh, played by Khaled Nabawy, returns to his native Egypt to reclaim his inheritance, but his mission quickly turns into an attempt to reunite his family.

  • Faten Amal Harby

    The series follows a divorced mother who fights for custody of her daughters and her rights after the breakdown of her marriage.

  • ‘Meen Qal?!’

    An ambitious young man puts aside his family’s wish to become an engineer when a business idea involving paper benches comes to mind.

  • ‘Shadow’

    A lawyer publishes a dead man’s book in his own name, only to find out that the murder story is real, and he becomes the prime suspect.

  • ‘Workshop 22’

    After their television network goes bankrupt, a team of misfits decide to take the industry by storm, sparking a series of misadventures, rivalries, and romance.

  • ‘Maktoob Alaya’

    A bizarre encounter turns the main character’s life into a comical adventure when he wakes up to find the day’s events written on his arm.

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