5 survival thrillers to watch after the finale

yellow jackets captured a nation with its history of sisterhood, teenage drama and (possible) cannibalism. But after the whirlwind first season, what do you watch next? There has to be all the intrigue and drama of a survival situation, and a dark underlying conspiracy certainly wouldn’t hurt.

Luckily, there are five shows that manage to capture a bit of yellow jackets‘lightning in a bottle, whether your favorite parts are mystery or just high school melodrama. Read on to find out how to stream your next exciting obsession.

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5. Lost


Critics of the first show compared yellow jackets was Lost. And it’s easy to see why. Both shows involve a plane crash and a wilderness that may have more than just a harsh environment. In a sense, Lost was the blueprint for every other show on this list, balancing flashbacks, flashforwards, and an unparalleled complex plot that likely created the culture of television speculation tearing the yellow jackets fandom currently.

If for some reason you haven’t seen the puzzling, heartfelt, and deeply mystical action of Lost, it is the perfect remedy for yellow jackets withdrawal, despite the fact that it was released 16 years ago.

Lost is now streaming on Hulu.

4. The Savages

First video

While yellow jackets can be called “the woman lord of the flies“, The Savages arrived first. This Prime Original series follows a handful of teenagers stranded on an island after their plane crashes on their way to a mysterious retreat. Over the next few weeks, they must learn to survive and slowly uncover the dark truth behind their fate.

While yellow jackets has flash-forwards, The Savages focuses on flashbacks, conquering tricky topics like homophobia, sexual assault, and abusive relationships. If you wish we had seen more Yellowjackets before the crash, The Savages is for you – and the sudden twist at the end is far too surprising to spoil here.

The Savages is now streaming on Amazon Prime.

3. Included between


What if, instead of a plane crash, the teenagers of yellow jackets have been blocked by a virus? It is the premise of Included between, a Netflix original series featuring a post-iCarly Jennette McCurdy in a world where a virus has wiped out everyone over the age of 21, leaving a group of teenagers stranded but still under government control.

As one of Netflix’s first original series, Included between suffers from budget issues, but over its two seasons, the show truly finds its footing as a small-town survival story. If you wish it yellow jackets was more relevant to the present day, this series is for you.

Included between is now streaming on Netflix.

2. The 100

The CW

One of the highlights of yellow jackets this is how it delivers the teen drama without feeling like a soap opera. But what may be a highlight for some might be a low point for others. For those who want something a little more interpersonal, The 100 is the teen survival drama with the CW show treatment.

The show follows a group of 100 teenagers sent to a post-apocalyptic Earth in hopes of repopulating the planet. But, like all CW shows, there’s a lot of drama to overcome before that’s possible. And with seven seasons, The 100 help you out for a while.

The 100 is now streaming on Netflix.

1. The society


The society was a show like no other. A little like yellow jackets, it’s about a group of teenagers trying to survive after a school trip goes wrong, but it’s not your typical survival drama. In the world of The society, the high school students return to their small town to find it completely abandoned. The internet is gone, but homes and infrastructure still exist.

As the title suggests, the teenagers accidentally reinvent socialism and create a tenuous society based on communal living. But when hormones and power struggles get in the way, there’s no real crime-fighting protocol. How do you deal with a murderer if you’re a 16-year-old mayor?

Sadly, The society is a short-term solution for yellow jackets withdrawal, as the series was canceled after just one season. Even if it ends on a cliffhanger, it’s definitely worth it.

The society is now streaming on Netflix.

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