5 Shows Like ‘Yellowstone’ If You Like Western Dramas

Yellowstone is a very popular American Western drama currently airing on the Paramount Network. The combination of western and mob genres has thrilled fans for the past four seasons. If you find it hard to wait for the release of the fifth season, maybe watch one or more of these five shows like Yellowstone will help you to be more patient.

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The fifth season of “Yellowstone” is coming soon

Yellowstone follows the Dutton family, who own the largest contiguous ranch in the United States. The series takes a close look at the impact of ranches on land developers, preserves, national parks, and more.

With the stunning conclusion to season four, fans are excited to see what happens with Jamie Dutton next and how his actions could impact the Dutton family as a whole.

Fans can watch the first four seasons of Yellowstone on Peacock. The fifth season will be released on November 13, 2022

‘1883’ (2021-2022)

1883 is the prequel to Yellowstone and tells the story of how Dutton’s ancestors came to settle in Montana, according to IMDb. James Dutton, played by Tim McGraw, leads his family across the Great Plains with the help of Shea Brennan (Sam Elliot). The journey is about as perilous as you can imagine.

1883 is an old-school western that fits well with the more modern western of Yellow stone. You can look 1883 on Paramount+.

‘Billy the Kid’ (2022-)

If you like the neo-western atmosphere of Yellowstone but also like more traditional Western characters, so Billy the kid might just be for you. IMDb reports that it is a romantic adventure, based on the life of Billy the Kid. The series follows him from his Irish roots to his days as a cowboy on the American frontier. The series also explores its pivotal role in the Lincoln County War.

‘Outer Range’ (2022-)

Take from Yellowstone Western theme and struggle for personal property and combine it with the sci-fi and supernatural elements of Lost and you have Outdoor beach.

Royal Abbott, played by Josh Brolin, is “a rancher fighting for his land and his family uncovers an unfathomable mystery at the edge of the Wyoming wilderness,” according to IMDb. Abbott finds a large and mysterious hold on his Wyoming property that seems to emit some kind of supernatural power. Some people try to take Abbott’s property from him, but he refuses to sell until he can figure out what the holdback might be.

You can look Outdoor beach on Prime Video.

‘Joe Pickett’ (2021-)

Yellowstone created a fan base for the reimagined western, and Joe Pickett follows the trend. IMDb says Joe Pickett “follows a game warden and his family through a changing political and socio-economic climate in a small rural town.”

Michael Dorman stars as Joe Pickett. Pickett is a game warden in Wyoming, where any sort of government authority is not viewed with confidence, especially when told what she can and cannot hunt. Pickett becomes embroiled in a murder investigation that forces him to deal with a crime family and other unlikable characters.

You can look Joe Pickett on Paramount+.

“The Son” (2017-2019)

The son provides a mashup of the period parameter of 1883 with the family drama of Yellowstone. IMDb describes The son as an epic that tells the story of “America’s rise as a superpower” that follows the story of a Texas oil empire.

The son follows Eli McCulloch, played by Pierce Brosnan, through two different timelines, the 1840s and the early 1900s. You can watch episodes of The son on Hulu.

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