5 Games Based On Successful TV Shows

There are a plethora of really great and terribly terrible video game adaptations of TV shows. From Australian soap operas to crime dramas starring ducks, some video game adaptations simply don’t make a difference in terms of quality, or even portrayal of the show they’re based on. However, while not all video games based on a TV show are great (and let’s be honest, the two mediums don’t really work together most of the time), sometimes games barely manage to nail certain elements perfectly.

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Whether it’s characters, world-building, style, or even just the general atmosphere, sometimes it’s enough to replicate the mood and tone of a show. Although the plots, gameplay, and graphics might seem a bit poor, some video games based on TV shows actually manage to get the best elements. From feeling like the captain of the Starship Enterprise to comically crashing into everything you see in Springfield, these TV show-based video games might not be perfect, but they absolutely nail the atmosphere.

5 Lost: Via Domus

A wide-angle third-person perspective screenshot from the game Lost: Via Domus featuring protagonist Elliot running on a beach with a backpack on it

It’s no secret that Lost is a great TV show. While some elements of it might be a little contrived (and the last few seasons were, well, a little iffy), for the most part, Lost is seen as the poster child for the high-end TV drama of the early 2000s. So it made perfect sense for Ubisoft to develop a video game based on the beloved TV show. Law? Well, aside from butchering the gameplay a bit, Lost: Via Domus is a great example of a video game based on a TV show that does the show justice.

Featuring familiar elements from the show such as a “previously on” segment before the start of each chapter or episode, incredibly iconic musical cues, and now legendary settings, Lost: Via Domus manages to set the atmosphere of the episode. While it’s not always fun to play, the fact that you can explore the campsite from the first two seasons, visiting faithfully recreated locations, and exploring the mysterious jungle while dodging the infamous Black Smoke Monster is a real treat.


4 The Walking Dead: The Game

Lee brandishes an ax behind a fearful Clementine, while zombies surround them

You could pretty much any Telltale game in this list, and it would count. Yes, even the Borderlands one despite that doesn’t make sense in context. Telltale has found the formula to take an established franchise and expand it in its own unique and creative way. With Game of Thrones, Batman, and of course The Walking Dead getting the Telltale treatment, fans of these iconic franchises were in for a treat.

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The Walking Dead: The Game, however, is a beautiful video game that not only delivers an engaging and emotional experience in its own right, but perfects the many phenomenal elements of the series and comics. With familiar characters, settings and narrative, The Walking Dead: The Game manages to capture the atmosphere and brutally dark tone of the series while delivering an equally dark yet engrossing narrative for the player to experience.

3 South Park: The Fractured But Whole

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Once again, Ubisoft has thrown its hat into the circle of TV-based video games and created South Park: The Fractured But Whole. This superhero extravaganza uses characters and humor from the popular animated series to create an all-new narrative. It also includes a plethora of references for die-hard fans to spot. When it comes to nailing the feeling and tone of a show, South Park: The Fractured But Whole is pretty much the guide.

His art is, of course, directly inspired by the visual style of the original show. The characters and their often crude sense of humor feel familiar and oddly comforting while the game’s over-the-top narrative and settings could fit perfectly between any of the show’s episodes. There’s a lot to love here, even if you’re not a South Park fan, but when it comes to portraying the show you’re based on, South Park: The Fractured But Whole really does a great job. . You don’t need to look much further than the title of the game to figure out why.

2 Star Trek: The Deck Crew


Have you ever wanted to travel in space, fight aliens and bravely save those in need? Do you have what it takes to command a crew of people who can mess up about 50% of the time? If you answered yes to both of these questions, then you’ll be perfect for the VR epic, Star Trek: Bridge Crew. Once again published by Ubisoft, Star Trek: Bridge Crew is the critically acclaimed VR title that sees you and your friends piloting the bridge of a starship.

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Of course, getting directly into the video game will greatly help with immersion. However, what makes Star Trek: Bridge Crew such an incredibly faithful representation of the shows best elements is the level of interaction you have with your crew members and the ship itself. The visual style, ship sounds, and the adventure you’ll embark on all feel like they’ve been pulled straight from an episode of the series, making for a rewarding experience even if you don’t enjoy the gameplay. minute by minute. However, it’s fair to say that if you’re a Star Trek fan, you’ll probably feel right at home in Star Trek: Bridge Crew.

1 The Simpsons: Hit & Run

Homer screams and runs out of the car.

The Simpsons: Hit & Run needs no introduction. Played on virtually every PS2 ever owned, The Simpsons: Hit & Run offered an expansive and colorful recreation of the beloved town of Springfield while throwing you reference after reference.

It features a plethora of amazing cars, memorable characters, in-jokes, and of course locations from the series. However, the art style and over-the-top sense of humor make it such a faithful adaptation. While many video games based on animated TV shows used a similar art style to The Simpsons: Hit & Run, he absolutely perfected it and used it to great effect. It took the iconic animated look of The Simpsons and recreated it in 3D, making it a timeless classic that is still loved today.

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