10 TV Characters Who Deserved More Than What Their Shows Gave Them

Just like people in real life, some characters in the TV world get better cards than others. There are some that are obviously favorites of the creators, and there are others that stand out for the gruesome storylines they got after being a big part of the show.

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These are the characters that fans have come to love and love to see grow over the seasons only for the writers to inflict impossible trauma on them or simply completely ruin them before writing them off the show.

Callie Torres (Grey’s Anatomy)

Grey's Anatomy's Callie Torres smiling and looking slightly off camera

Callie has been a beloved character on Grey’s Anatomy for years, before deciding to leave Seattle and start over in New York. But despite the welcome representation she’s brought to the small screens, Callie’s journey hasn’t been the easiest.


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Of course, we can say that each character on Grey’s went through hell and back, but Callie’s storyline before they wrote her off was so horrible it left a bitter taste behind. Despite the fact that she and Arizona have separated, one could never imagine that she would try to get their daughter away from Arizona without thinking twice. It just wasn’t in Callie’s character, and they did her character a huge disservice with the whole legal process story.

Lane Kim (Gilmore Girls)

Lane and Zack from Gilmore Girls in A Year In The Life - Summer, standing together in the pool scene.

Lane was another such character loved by many. She was a loyal friend to Rory throughout the series, even when Rory didn’t always deserve it. Due to a strict upbringing, she was forced to live a double life – a devoted, God-loving girl at home and a musical rebel outside.

So it was so disappointing to fans that Lane didn’t get the storyline she deserved. Gilmore Girls. She didn’t go big with her music, having all the adventures she ever wanted. She settled down, married Zack, got pregnant right after her wedding, and was forced to stay home. She never got to do any of the things she wanted in life and it wasn’t the treatment her character deserved.

Stiles Stilinski (Teen Wolf)

A faithful friend to the program chief of Teen Wolf, Stiles Stilinski was the best friend Scott could have ever asked for, risking his life and more to help him. So seeing Stiles villain not once but twice on the show was horrible, and he deserved better.

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Most fans would agree that his Void Stiles storyline was actually interesting, and Dylan O’Brien’s performance knocked it out of the park, but later season’s storyline when Stiles kills someone in legit defense and being disbelieved by Scott was completely unnecessary and too heartbreaking to watch. After everything he’s been through with the supernatural, Stiles deserved better from his friend and his TV creators.

Mary, Queen of Scots (reign)

Reign of Angry Queen Mary

The lead of Reign, Mary, Queen of Scots, deserved better. While this show is understandably rooted in historical events, it took some liberties with the script, and Mary’s journey hasn’t been the happiest.

Thrust into the world of royalty, she was constantly manipulated by the people she loved, was forced to endure trauma after trauma, and never got a break. The small number of happy scenes she had did nothing to compensate for all the trauma.

Michael Cordero (Jane the Virgin)

Brett Dier as Michael Cordero Jr Jane the Virgin

Although most fans wanted Jane to reunite with Michael, that story ended abruptly when the writers needlessly killed him off the show only to bring him back a season later. The plot twist? He was now a cowboy and remembered nothing, including Jane.

If the writers intended to make Jane and Rafael the end of the series, Michael still didn’t deserve to be treated like that. The only reason they brought him back was to solidify Jane by choosing Rafael over Michael because he was alive and Rafael was no longer second choice.

Bonnie Bennett (The Vampire Diaries)

Bonnie Bennett from The Vampire Diaries was abused and used as an instrument by everyone around her for several seasons, forced to sacrifice herself and her well-being over and over again. Not to mention that no one even noticed that she had been dead for an entire summer.

When she finally found her happiness and all she yearned for in Enzo, he was removed for dramatic effect to serve as one of the main characters (again). Bonnie Bennett and the actress who portrayed her, Kat Graham, deserved better from the creators and all who mistreated them.

Logan Echolls (Veronica Mars)

Jason Dohring as Logan Echolls in Veronica Mars

After seasons of character development, Logan was finally let into the fan-funded movie they made after the series. He was in the military, he reconciled with the love of his life Veronica, and life was pretty good after he managed to avoid murder charges.

But the revival of the series took all that away from Logan. So all the hard work he did, all the positive changes he made – none of that mattered. Because they apparently killed him for no good reason. They killed him in the last episode of the revival, shortly after he married Veronica, so they couldn’t even tell the actor wanted to leave and they were forced to. A happy ending was something Logan deserved, and they couldn’t even give him that.

Buffy Summers (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Buffy Summers in Buffy the Vampire Slayer

The main character who was eventually abandoned by almost all of his friends. Although Buffy’s story was somewhat realistic and her job at the fast food restaurant to earn money was a good idea – it was crazy that she didn’t pay anything to fight evil – her life was really miserable.

She had to take care of everyone, she couldn’t be with the man she loved, she had to sacrifice her whole life to fight demons, was painfully raised from the dead, and in the end they didn’t didn’t trust. It was like she deserved so much more from life, her friends and her writers.

Spencer Reid (Criminal Minds)

For someone as sweet as Spencer Reid, he’s certainly been put to the test. He was kidnapped, tortured, dealt with PTSD and drug addiction, fell in love with someone who was murdered, his mother suffered from schizophrenia, and he constantly struggled with the idea that he would eventually develop it as well. And then he was kidnapped again by a cult.

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All along Criminal minds, fans could see most of the team members finding some kind of joy in their lives, but Spencer didn’t seem to. His happy times were vastly out of proportion to his tragic times, and one can’t help but feel he deserved a little more. Not necessarily a partner, but some sort of accomplishment outside of his job that might make him happy after seeing the worst in humanity every day.

Meredith Gray (Grey’s Anatomy)

Ellen Pompeo as Meredith when Derek dies in Grey's Anatomy

There are few characters on television who have been through as many traumatic events as her: the bombing incident, near drowning, surviving a mass shooting, the plane crash, the death of his sister Lexi, to name a few. She also had to go through the death of the love of her life, while she was pregnant with his child.

It just seems like every time Meredith seems to have her feet on the ground, something happens that knocks her down. Watching a main character go through things is obviously what the show is all about, but is there a point where that just becomes unrealistic? Meredith has been carrying this show for 18 seasons. Her shoulders must be tired and she deserves to sail to a desert island and never experience trauma again.

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