10 shows to watch if you miss The Office cast

Arguably one of the most watched and beloved television comedies, NBC’s Office captured the hearts of paper lovers everywhere. The workplace sitcom took the everyday mundane and turned it into a relatable and very chaotic setting, often through its dodgy characters and giddy ethics.

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With many cast members also having held other writing and crew roles, the familiar faces of Office can be found through a host of other shows. For fans who miss the Dunder Mifflin crew or need new shows to watch, check out the cast’s other projects. Office were involved in.

space force

Dunder Mifflin Regional Manager Michael Scott was the one person who managed to bring everyone together while keeping them apart. Acting as the face of Office, Steve Carell has since solidified itself as a global household and comedic name, returning to television with the Netflix series space force.

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space force gives off an air very similar to Office, perhaps due to the charm and wit of the main man. The world’s best boss may have joined the armed forces of the United States, but the series promises to have just as much absurdity, political satire and workplace feuds. With a fun cast and a jaw-dropping budget, space force is a guaranteed laugh.


The Mindy Project

Kelly Kapoor may have spent her time doing as little work as possible in Officebut it was quite the opposite for Mindy Kaling. As writer, executive producer and director of the series, Office allowed Kaling to blossom into the comedy titan she is today.

Create, write, produce and perform in The Mindy Project, Kaling welcomes fans to his ultimate fantasy land. Aligning more with the likes of Kaling, the show explores femininity, romance, and identity in the heart of bustling NYC. The show is quirky and colorful to follow Kaling’s writing and is perfect for those who like a bit of illusion.


As Assistant Regional Manager, Dwight Schrute was the man with a plan. Backstrom sees Rainn Wilson on the other end of the spectrum as an arrogant and self-destructive police officer who struggles to control his personal affairs.

Backstrom delivers a great sarcastic anti-hero in the world of crime, giving the jaded detective trope a rejuvenation with Wilson’s dry, deadpan humor. The series is made up of 13 watchable episodes, each delving into serious cases that Dwight could only imagine.

Parks and recreation

Karen Filippelli seemed to be the only one with logical thinking skills at the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin. Rashida Jones‘ the series’ release saw her join the main cast of Parks and recreation as Ann Perkins, a nurse drawn to local government who happens to be the only one with logical thinking skills. Coincidence?

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Parks and recreation is a fun political satire with a light touch on life, perfect for anyone looking to cheer me up. The show is witty and endearing, often giving in to the more absurd interests of its eccentric characters, but also focuses on feminism and strong female friendships.

Silicon Valley

The least beloved Skeleton Man of all, Gabe Lewis, often knew exactly what to do to kill the energy in a room. Zack Woods returns the script in Silicon Valleyportraying one of the show’s most lovable characters who oozes charm and emotional intelligence.

Silicon Valley details the very common experience of shared accommodation for start-ups entering the tech industry. The series is filled to the brim with witty but goofy satire, endearing tech-bros, and subverting stereotypes, the perfect touch of self-awareness to welcome those outside into the tech world.

Brooklyn nine-nine

From the days when Daryl Philbin was all-rounder in the warehouse, Craig Robinson went through Hollywood comedies and became a recognizable face on TV. In his work, his cameos made in Brooklyn nine-nine quickly became fan favorites.

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His screen time may be scarce, but his iconic appearances as the Pontiac Bandit and undeniable comedic chemistry with the main man, Andy Sambergare some of the funniest moments in the series. Brooklyn nine-nine is a chaotic comedy between cop buddies that, while perhaps easygoing and fun to watch, manages to be culturally relevant to solving social problems.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Tina Feyit is Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt sees Dunder Mifflin’s silly receptionist Erin swapping her blazers for a wardrobe full of bright colors. Ellie Kemper brings nuance to Kimmy’s subconscious optimism and perfectly captures her spirit as a teen-mole-woman-victim-turned-New Yorker.

You would never think that religious cults, the racism of football and by Beyoncé Lemonade would fit in one show, but it does exist. The premise itself is already bizarre, but the series delves deeper into satire and absurdism throughout each episode. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is a hugely fun series about resilience and friendship that’s both heartwarming and questionable.

The blacklist

The mystery behind Robert California continues in James Spaderit is The blacklist, the Emmy and Golden Globe-winning series following skilled former fugitive Raymond Reddington, who uses his knowledge of the underworld to help the FBI. Spader’s mesmerizing performance in California is just a taste of what he delivers in The blacklistas it uses the show’s insane storylines as its playground.

Sociopath and with eyes everywhere, Raymond Reddington ensures that he is always a few steps ahead of everyone. The blacklist is a diabolical game of cat and mouse that questions the motives of our resident anti-hero and often leaves viewers on the cliff with many unexpected twists. The ongoing series has just been renewed for a tenth season, perfect for fans looking to embark on something new.

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan

As the inspiration for many love stories, Jim Halpert is the benchmark for workplace romances. However, John Krasinki traded gift teapots and glares into the camera for a more action-packed role as Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryanan aspiring CIA agent who is dragged from his office and thrown onto the battlefield.

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The series is a gritty thriller detailing pressing issues of global security, filled with political mind games and terrorist violence. From its dramatic premise, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan is the perfect series for all Threat Level Midnight fans.

the OA

Phyllis Vance, wife of Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration, was one of Dunder Mifflin’s most overlooked staff members, often seen as soft-spoken and quietly strategic. Playing everyone’s favorite teacher, BBA, in the mystery drama series, the OA, Phyllis Smith uses its natural characteristics to its advantage.

BBA is subtle yet witty and often revered by fans for her pure-hearted selflessness. With each encounter, Smith’s character only becomes more complex and layered, revealing a dark past that makes her even more beloved. the OA not only showcases Smith’s range, but is a complete tonal shift from his previous work.

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