10 shows to watch if you miss study group

Seven years after the series finale, fans of Community still hold out hope for “six seasons and a movie”. As rumor swirls around the chances of a Community movie, the NBC sitcom’s cult following continues to grow.

Meanwhile, fans miss the unlikely hookups and goofy hijinks of Greendale Community College’s favorite study group. For those looking forward to a Community followed by, or caught in the review cycle, many other TV shows can offer similar gratification. These shows feature ragtag crews, unlikely friendships, meta-humor and, in some cases, guest appearances. Community cast members.


ten Firefly

Fresh off the hits of buffy the vampire slayer and AngelJoss Whedon created Firefly, a sci-fi western featuring a ragtag crew of space outlaws. Although technically a drama, Whedon’s wit and humor are present in every episode. The main cast of the ensemble, including Community guest star Nathan Fillion as Mal and Morena Baccarin as Inara, are a chosen family aboard the ship Serenity.

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As Community, Firefly saw early cancellation, but fan enthusiasm resurrected the feature’s characters Serenity and a DC Comics series. Detail-oriented viewers will recall that Community Troy and Abed were brown coats (Firefly fans); they even had a pact that if one of them died, the other “would make it look like a suicide caused by the unfair cancellation of Firefly.”

9 rick and morty

Community creator Dan Harmon designed the sci-fi series rick and morty starring Justin Roiland, and it quickly became one of the best animated sitcoms of all time. Through the adventures of the smartest man in the universe and his underachieving grandson, rick and morty navigates multiversal adventures with irreverent, irreverent comedy.

As the series develops, the Smith family becomes more involved in the adventures, supported by an increasingly ridiculous cast of supporting characters – from Bird Person to Mr. Poopybutthole. In terms of tone, rick and morty feels like Community with absurdism and meta-humor skyrocketing to 11.

8 Bojack Rider

by Netflix Bojack Rider follows the stranded main character – a literal horseman and former sitcom actor – through the pitfalls of his career and relationship troubles. The subject matter can get surprisingly dark for an animated comedy, but Bojack Rider navigates nihilism, mental illness and grief through an absurdist lens.

Alison Brie (Community Annie) voices Diane Nguyen. Along with main characters Todd, Princess Carolyn, and Mr. Peanut Butter, she is a lifeline for Bojack, who constantly sinks into isolation and narcissism. As the study group of Community, all Bojack Horseman’s the characters are adrift through life, searching for connection and purpose, which they find in the most unlikely places.

seven The computer crowd

The surreal British sitcom The computer crowd ran for four brief seasons on Channel 4 and built up a cult following over the following years. Beginning with the installation of tech novice Jen as department head of the IT team at Reynholm Industries, it follows the office mates through increasingly ridiculous antics.

Jen and her employees Roy and Moss form an unlikely alliance as they navigate corporate inanity and bureaucratic madness. Moss, played by Richard Ayaode, who later directed an episode of Community), resembles Abed in his social awkwardness. The computer crowd also includes Community guest star Matt Berry in one of his best television roles.

6 HarmonQuest

One of the best episodes of Community, “Advanced Dungeons & Dragons”, immerses the study group in a popular RPG campaign. For fans who loved the character dynamics as part of D&D adventure, Dan Harmon’s web series HarmonQuest is a natural next step.

With a mix of live footage and animation, HarmonQuest the episodes revolve around a bite-sized, real-life gaming adventure – led by Harmon and directed by Spencer Crittenden. As the Community episode, it’s an accessible approach to enjoying the narrative aspects of D&D, even for people unfamiliar with the game. Each episode features a guest voice actress; lineup includes Gillian Jacobs (Community Britta), and Community guest actors Kumail Nanjiani, Paul F. Tompkins, Rob Corddry, Patton Oswalt, and more.

5 The right place

This critically acclaimed high-profile NBC sitcom follows the denizens of the afterlife on their journey to becoming better people. Eleanor, Chidi, Jason, Tahani, Michael, and Jason are clearly defined character types with surprising depth.

The Good Place intergenerational (and interdimensional) friendships are like Community study group – especially when the characters are actively studying moral philosophy together. In the middle of a learned comedy, The right place is full of heartwarming moments between the characters. The sincerity of the show comes as a wonderful counterpoint to the spirit of its characters, echoing the moments of warmth and connection present in Community.

4 Scrubs

Scrubs, which aired from 2001 to 2010, followed a group of young medical professionals through their residency and hospital careers. Narrated by Zach Braff’s JD, the series frequently broke the fourth wall and indulged in surreal meta-comedy. Scrubs had a motley crew of unusual supporting characters, like the vindictive janitor, the sleazy Todd, and the unfortunate Ted. These fun and weird secondary characters will remind you Community fans of lovable supporting characters like Star-Burns and Magnitude. Meanwhile, Turk and JD’s intense bromance sets the stage for Troy and Abed’s.

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Community even has a Scrubs crossover in the episode “Repilot”, which tears down the tropes associated with soft reboots. As Community returns from his “gas leak year” and attempts to revive the study group, Abed continually refers to Scrubs’ final season, which replaced its main characters with a new set. Zach Braff contributes a final in-character voiceover for JD

3 mythical quest

Due to return this fall to Apple TV+, mythical quest is a workplace comedy set in a successful video game studio. The team behind Philadelphia is always sunny created the series, including Megan Ganz, who wrote for three seasons of Community.

A large number of Mythical quests the main characters could be Community replacements: pompous creative director Ian Grimm (Rob McElhenney) is reminiscent of Jeff Winger, high-strung chief engineer Poppi Li (Charlotte Nicdao) is similar to Annie Edison, and elderly, out-of-touch head writer CW Longbottom (F. Murray Abraham) is a perfect analogue of Pierce Hawthorne. Meanwhile, Danny Pudi, who plays Abed in Communityplays the role of Brad Bakshi. Community fans will enjoy the dynamics of personalities clashing in the mythical quest offices and will appreciate that beyond humor, the series also has a lot of heart.

2 Atlanta

After the departure Community and beginning a successful musical career, Donald Glover created the series Atlanta on FX, in which he also stars as Earnest “Earn” Marks. Set to deliver its fourth and final season in fall 2022, Atlanta follows the musical careers of Earn and his cousin Paper Boi through an Afro-Surrealist lens.RELATED: 10 Comedy Series From The Last Decade Starring The Series Creator

Widely praised for its clever writing, dark comedic tone and performance, Atlanta shows a different side of Glover compared to the bubbly and immature Troy Barnes. Community fans will love from Atlanta stylized atmosphere and the complexity of Earn’s relationships.

1 crazy ex girlfriend

As Jeff Winger bends down to enter the modest halls of Greendale Community College, powerful New York lawyer Rebecca Bunch moves to the disappointing suburb of West Covina, California. While searching for a second chance with her teenage sweetheart Josh, Rebecca makes unlikely new friends among the weird and wonderful residents of West Covina.

Much of the story is told through the language of musical theatre, with witty original songs in every episode. The characters in Crazy ex-girlfriend At first they look like stock archetypes, but they reveal striking nuances as they navigate drastically different life paths. As in Community study group, the friendships formed between the characters are powerful, cross-generational, and transformative. crazy ex girlfriendalso revels in meta commentary on the conventions of TV, movies, and music.

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