10 Shows From The 90s That Deserve A Serious Reboot

Television has changed a bit since the 90s when shows like The simpsons and Friends were at their peak. Audiences today tend to crave more dramatic content than the light tones that many 90s TV comedies had to offer.

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Now we’re in the era of reboots, with everything from The Karate Kid for Queer Eye return to screens in new and refreshing ways. Recently, The prince of Bel-Air has been reimagined as a dramabut he isn’t the only show with potential for a darker reboot.


more daria characters in the high school hall

Teenagers, weird families, annoying sisters and lots of angst. Darya was a comic book comedy with all the tropes of a coming-of-age comedy-drama. The show was originally intended to attract a female audience on MTV. Along the way, the central character has become something of a feminist icon.

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High school outcasts and adult themes are the epitome of 21st century flavor (perhaps thanks to Daria), and a serious reboot could ride the wave of success created by shows like Euphoria. A black comedy interspersed with sarcasm and significant observances of life? Netflix calling?


Doogie Howser

promo doogie howser

In the 90s, Neil Patrick Harris starred as Doogie Howser, a sixteen-year-old genius and practicing physician. Howser had to balance the growing pains of teenage life with the responsibility of being a medical professional.

Although a comedy at heart, the show regularly dealt with adult themes like death and prejudice. An updated version could dive deep into the enormous pressure a youngster would face to earn the respect of other professionals and the more gruesome aspects of medical treatment.


Surprise musical Frasier Crane in radio studio

Frasier was the well-meaning, well-to-do Seattle psychiatrist/radio host everyone loved. When viewers heard the soft jazz piano playing over the Seattle skyline, they knew they were in for twenty minutes of subtle, clever, and hilarious family comedy.

The show was originally a spin-off of Cheers! and was wildly successful for its eleven seasons. A reimagining that values ​​conversations about mental health and class distinction through the dissemination of advice could be just what the doctor ordered.

Murphy Brown

always from murphy brown

Murphy Brown centered on the journalists of FYI magazine. Murphy herself was a respected journalist and recovering alcoholic who returned to the newsroom where she cut her teeth. The show has always had a playful and lighthearted tone despite these themes.

But the potential of a Murphy Brown reboot that leans into its dramatic side has the potential to rival the success of The morning show. Good, honest journalism is becoming increasingly rare, and a serious Murphy Brown could report solid social commentary.

boy meets the world

photo of boy meets world at disneyworld

boy meets the world almost defined what it means to come of age. The series followed main character Cory Matthews for seven years. Viewers went through every stage of adolescence with him, from learning to drive to discovering his first love.

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boy meets the world was charming and family-friendly, with lots of tender moments and goofy characters. However, as any adult could attest, the World is not always so beautiful and clumsy. A dramatic reboot could show World meeting Boy.

Power Rangers by Mighty Morphin

more red, black, pink, yellow and blue power rangers

Anguished teenagers juggling high school and saving the world? It’s no wonder that franchise has spawned over 25 iterations. the Power Rangers by Mighty Morphin were six teenagers recruited by an alien called Zordon to fight the forces of evil and protect planet Earth.

Hollywood’s attempts at success have been lackluster, but that doesn’t mean all hope is lost. With so much source material and hype surrounding superheroes, a decent reboot of pissed off teenagers with big responsibilities could turn the franchise into a mainstream hit.

batman beyond

photo of teerry mcinnis in batman beyond costume next to bruce wayne (DC)

Everyone guesses why DC didn’t give batman beyond a chance from the hit cartoon. The series is set in the future, where a retired Bruce Wayne trains a young Terry McGinnis as the Batman in Neo-Gotham. The show has been praised for its art style and clever writing.

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the batman beyond the story would make an original Batman reboot that pits technology, capitalism, and class against pride, duty, and growth. With all the uncertainty in the world, a peek into the future could be a timely adventure for the Bat.

Xena: Warrior Princess


Lawless Lucy‘ Xena was the fearless heroine of the 90s in the action-packed fantasy adventure series Xena: Warrior Princess. The story follows Xena, once a feared conqueror, as she atones for her past sins by helping the powerless against the forces of evil.

A fantastic tale of overcoming past mistakes, a strong female lead and medieval action offer limitless potential. The original won over audiences with its heartfelt humor and the dynamic between Xena and her life partner Gabrielle, while a grittier reboot might hold its own against the witcher and The dark crystal.

around the twist

still family twist season four twist

Principally heal children popular down below, this quintessential Australian series was quirky and charming. The Twist family, who lived in a haunted lighthouse, juggles supernatural occurrences with greedy property developers, bullies, and family life.

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Sometimes the spectacle was ridiculous, such as when the eldest son, Pete, is impregnated by a magic tree after relieving himself from it. At other times, the spectacle bordered on horror. A more grainy around the twist could add a unique feel to the era of shows like american horror story and stranger things.

Sabrina, the teenage witch

Sabrina Spellman Hilda Spellman Zelda Spellman Sabrina the Teenage Witch

This sitcom centered on teenage witch Sabrina Spellman. On her sixteenth birthday, Sabrina discovered that she was a witch and had to learn to control her powers and be a teenager at the same time. She is helped by her hilarious aunts and a sarcastically talking cat, Salem.

Fans have been calling for a Sabrina reboot for many years. A serious release could capitalize on the series’ magic and explore responsibilities, consequences, and sorcery in new ways. Not to mention, everyone wants more from this cat.

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