10 of the best new TV shows to watch in February

The Tinder scammer

Wednesday February 2
Swiping right and matching with a suave millionaire may be the stuff of Tinder fantasies, but for several women, it’s become a living nightmare. The Tinder Swindler follows the curious case of Israeli fraudster Shimon Hayut who posed as a Russian oligarch and managed to fish the cat and find his way into the hearts of trusted dating app users. Hayut racked up exorbitant bills as he romanticized these women across Europe, his demands growing ever more extreme and his story ever more convoluted. This gripping, highly focused and thrilling two-hour documentary shows the seedy side of social media as it unravels the story of con artist Romeo through the eyes of the women he conned and who eventually band together to get revenge.

Will Arnett plays Terry Seattle in Murderville. Photography: Darren Michaels/Netflix


Thursday February 3
Based on the cult BBC 3 series Murder in Successville, Murderville cleverly combines our love of police procedurals, true crime and our penchant for goofy sitcoms and game shows. The American version of this hybrid beast sees Will Arnett (Arrested Development) play the walking cliché of lead detective Terry Seattle, a mustachioed old pro in the homicide squad. Each episode follows Seattle investigating his latest case, the twist being that he’s joined by a celebrity guest who improvises his way through the story trying to figure out the thriller. Stars like Sharon Stone, Annie Murphy (Schitt’s Creek) Conan O’Brien and Ken Jeong valiantly let loose as Arnett orchestrates mayhem in this postmodern take on Cluedo.

Catching Killers – Season 2

Wednesday February 9
One of Netflix’s most compelling crime series, Catching Killers eschews the flashy editing and sometimes sensationalized storytelling of its contemporaries, preferring instead to focus on the facts. The series continues to explore the heartbreaking effects serial murders have on society at large while delving into the memories of the hard-working detectives and prosecutors who worked on these high-profile cases. This season recalls the sniper shootings in Phoenix, Arizona, the story of Toronto’s Bruce McArthur, and the crimes of Dennis Rader AKA The BTK. Rader’s story was the connective tissue of David Fincher’s sadly departed Mindhunter and while we may never get his opinion on the unsuspecting church leader and self-proclaimed ‘family man’, Catching Killers will provide the sobering, unvarnished truth about his crimes.

Love Is Blind Season 2 will see the return of the pods.  Picture: Netflix

Love Is Blind Season 2 will see the return of the pods. Picture: Netflix

Love is Blind – Season 2

Friday February 11
The dating show that dominated our pre-Covid existence is back. Jessica and her wine-tasting dog may seem like a hazy, distant memory, but Love is Blind is ready to capture the cultural conversation again, with its selection of desperate romantics ready to toss down the aisle with a relative stranger. Perhaps the post-lockdown world is the perfect time for the series to return, because in the dating world the stakes have never been lower. Singles are now content with any type of comfort after two long years of isolation. In its first season, we watched these wild-eyed subjects with cynicism and contempt, as their desire to be coupled led them to fall in love in disembodied voices behind a wall of glass. Now, after the tyranny of Zoom dating, the tiny groups of potential suitors waiting to be engaged seem almost quaint and civilized.

Invent Anna

Friday February 11
Shonda Rhimes is the master of flashy, glamorous and captivating spectacle. The kind of sophisticated, confident storytelling that dominated television. From Grey’s Anatomy to Scandal and Bridgerton, Rhimes naturally understands how to shape and pace a story that explodes like a powder keg; so it’s no surprise that she’s the showrunner tasked with bringing the spellbinding story of Anna Delvey to the screen. Adapted from the electrifying New York magazine article, it details how a fake heiress tricked Manhattan’s high society into funding her lavish lifestyle.

Starring Ozark’s Julia Garner as Delvey and Veep’s Anna Chlumsky as the reporter on his trail, Inventing Anna examines the ideas around the pseudo-identities that are easily created in modern society. It’s a raw, exhilarating journey through a rarefied world that’s made incredibly accessible through the daily opulence displayed on Instagram.

American rapper Kanye West is the star of a new documentary chronicling his life and career.  Photo: Patrick Kovarik/AFP via Getty Images

American rapper Kanye West is the star of a new documentary chronicling his life and career. Photo: Patrick Kovarik/AFP via Getty Images

jeen-yuhs: a Kanye trilogy

Wednesday February 16
This three-part documentary attempts to assess the life and work of the confusing Kanye West. West, or Ye as he is now known, is one of the most polarizing figures in recent pop culture history. Genius musician, creative visionary, formidable hip hop artist, irritating, agitator, selfish, insane provocateur, all these contradictory aspects inhabit the maverick who has captured our attention and stifled the world press. since 2004.

Videographers Coodie and Chike filmed over fifteen years of pure Ye, from his early days as an emerging artist trying to prove himself, his mythological self firmly in place, to the chaotic days of his mental health issues and supporting Trump. free fall. An intimate portrait that isn’t a salacious hit or a light hagiography, it captures Ye in all of her haunting, jaw-dropping glory and wondering what the next chapter will bring.

The crew returns for another season of Space Force.  Photography: Diyah Pera/Netfli

The crew returns for another season of Space Force. Photography: Diyah Pera/Netfli

Space Force – Season 2

Friday February 18
The American Office co-creating duo of Steve Carrell and Greg Daniels team up again for this work-unsuitable sitcom. Much maligned when first released even though it included a list of supreme talents such as John Malkovich, Lisa Kudrow and the late Fred Willard, this time around the season was shortened to just seven half-hour episodes. in the hope that it will distill the laughter. . After the first season, General Naird de Carrell and his bumbling crew are now under the control of the new administration and will each have to prove their worth or risk leaving the Space Force altogether; It remains to be seen whether this will be their last mission for Netflix.

The Cuphead Show

Friday February 18
Netflix’s new animated series is based on the award-winning and much-loved video game Cuphead. The delightful hand-drawn homage to the vibrancy and quirky weirdness of 1930s cartoons won praise from fans and critics alike when it was released in 2017. The series is a loving extension of this very specific universe. A beautifully crafted nostalgic cartoon comedy, it follows Cuphead and Mugman on their adventures through the surreal world of the Inkwell Isles. The brothers cause chaos on their journey by falling foul of the devil himself who makes it his mission to terrorize the hapless duo.

Fall: the case against Boeing

Friday February 18
Documentary maker Rory Kennedy (Last Days in Vietnam) puts the aviation industry under the microscope in this killer film. Downfall: The Case Against Boeing investigates the twin tragedies of the 2018 Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines crashes that left 346 people dead. The two aircraft involved in these disasters were Boeing 737-Maxes. Through interviews with engineers, employees and pilots, Kennedy’s thought-provoking documentary brings together not only the aircraft’s design and manufacturing flaws, but also the mistakes made by corporate greed and the need constantly innovating at all costs. With Boeing deducing that the pilots were responsible for both crashes, the film attempts to refocus that narrative with contributions from the victims’ family members and analysis from respected aviation and aerospace journalists.

Vikings: Valhalla will be even more action-packed than the original show.  Photography: Bernard Walsh/Netflix

Vikings: Valhalla will be even more action-packed than the original show. Photography: Bernard Walsh/Netflix

Vikings: Walhalla

Friday February 25
Netflix’s latest historical epic is a spin-off of the hugely popular Vikings series. Set 100 years after the events of the original Norse drama, it’s more beards, boats and battles as they fight to survive in a new Europe. Somewhere among the muscle twitches and the wielding of the sword, there is a vague story about the massacre of St. Brice where King Aethelred II of England ordered the murder of all Danes on his lands. Famed Viking adventurer Leif Eriksson (Sam Corlett) takes center stage as he vows to avenge his ancestors. Showrunner Jeb Stuart – screenwriter of Die Hard and The Fugitive – certainly brings his action credentials to the series, tearing down London Bridge, upping the colossal fight sequences and generally forgoing any kind of Game-style po-face lore. of Thrones. There’s no time for serious contemplation in Vikings: Valhalla is fast-paced, bloated Scandi-foolishness-on-steroids.

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