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After his work on major live-action TV dramas like TOUR: Washington’s Spies and BonesCraig Silverstein’s latest is also his first foray into animation with Pantheon. And with some positive reviews already released, it looks like it could become the next big animated hit as it will follow the adventures of a teenage girl and her deceased father who has returned through a virtual cloud.

But to help bring the many characters that appear on the show to life, the voice cast is made up of some of Hollywood’s biggest names and faces some might recognize. It also features famous voice artists from the world of animation and video games, bringing their experience to this ambitious series.


Katie Chang – The Bling Ring (2013)

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Katie Chang plays Maddie, the teenage protagonist of Pantheon who finds his father in the most unexpected way. Since 2013, the actress has appeared in several films and television shows and her theatrical debut will remain one of her best roles.

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Based on a true story, The bling ring tells the stories of a group of teenagers in search of fame and fortune and how they used the internet to track and rob many celebrities. While Emma Watson was a big name attached to the project, Katie Chang as Rebecca was one of the film’s major highlights and remains one of her best roles to date as she didn’t play a character. just like her ever since.

Daniel Dae Kim – Lost (2004-2010)

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Experienced as a voice actor as well as a film actor, Daniel Dae Kim plays Maddie’s father who finds himself living through a virtual cloud, setting him and his daughter on a dangerous mission to try to find out what’s going on. And while many might recognize his voice in the Saints Row games like Johnny Gat, he will most likely be known to many people for his role in the hit series Lost.

In the 2000s series, Kim played Jin-Soo Kwon, a South Korean man who is overly protective of his wife from others he meets after the plane they were on crashes on a mysterious island. Throughout the show, Kwon slowly trusts the other survivors and opens up emotionally, making it one of Kim’s best roles to date that led to a successful television career.

Rosemarie Dewitt – Black Mirror (2011-2019)

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Rosemarie Dewitt plays Ellen, Maddie’s protective mother who, along with her daughter, tries to uncover the mystery surrounding her husband. But with this dark sci-fi show, it’s not the only time Dewitt has played a mother in a twisted world.

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In black mirrorIn the episode “Arkangel”, she played Marie, a mother who puts a monitoring implant in her daughter after she gets lost. As the child grows, their relationship slowly becomes more complicated, which sees Dewitt’s Marie slowly transform into an overprotective and controlling character, making it one of her best and darkest roles.

Paul Dano – The Batman (2022)

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Playing the helpful and intellectual teenager Caspian who helps Maddie on her journey, Paul Dano is able to give the character the necessary sensitivity and maturity. Between his TV and movie work, it looks like 2022 has already been a great year for the actor.

In March of this year, DC fans were finally treated to Dano’s sinister rendition of The Riddler in The Batman. Unlike previous incarnations of the character on screen, the famous actor was able to make him a lethal force to be reckoned with who continually put Robert Pattinson’s Batman to the test time and time again.

Taylor Jane Schilling – Orange is the New Black (2013-2019)

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Playing the role of Caspian’s mother, it’s hard to say where Taylor Jane Schilling’s performance will go, but fans can only hope that her character will have more to do in future episodes and play a much bigger role. . But as long as the audience has a Netflix account, they can experience its major role in the television industry.

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One of the biggest original shows on Netflix, Schilling led an ensemble cast in a women’s prison as Piper Chapman, a woman who was unfortunately branded and set up. Between seasons, Piper grows alongside the other inmates with multiple dramatic and emotional arcs that made it a breakout role for Taylor Jane Schilling.

William Hurt – Captain America: Civil War (2016)

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Before his untimely death in March this year, William Hurt was able to voice Stephen Holstrom, a tech founder of a company involving AI. It may not be clear at this point if the character will make another appearance, but at least the show gave Hurt one of his final performances.

While there are plenty of movies and TV shows featuring the famous actor, many will know him as Thaddeus Ross in the MCU. There are several films in the franchise to choose from, but its reintroduction into Captain America: Civil War was exciting and welcomed by fans which was also one of William Hurt’s greatest films.

Gray Griffin – The Cuphead Show! (2022–present)

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While some actors on the show only give voice to one character, Gray Griffin shows off his voice-over skills by playing Erin, Samara, Ms. Hunter, and Assistant in Pantheon. And while many are familiar with her work in animation and video games, she most recently appeared in a hit Netflix video game adaptation.

Based on the popular video game, The Cuphead Show! saw Gray Griffin voice Ms. Chalice, a mischievous and cheeky ghost who sometimes hangs out with Cuphead and Mugman, which also made her one of the show’s best characters. By giving her a Brooklyn accent, Griffin was able to give the character the confidence and charm that made her a recurring favorite.

Ron Livingston – The Conjuring (2013)

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Along with his wife Rosemarie Dewitt, Ron Livingston joined the cast to play Doctor Waxman, one of the scientists who work at the show’s controversial AI company. While there are plenty of movies and TV shows to choose from, one horror movie in particular stood out.

2013 Conspiracy is easily one of Livingston’s best films and one of the few genre films he has made outside of drama and comedy. Loosely based on true events, Livingston played Roger Perron, a father whose farm soon encounters a mortal spirit. Able to sell the character’s scares and reactions, it stood out against the impressive cast that all helped it become one of the best true-story horror films.

Anika Noni Rose – The Princess and the Frog (2009)

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Although she doesn’t work as a voice actress too much, Anika Noni Rose has certainly had some success in this field. The show will see her playing Nicole and Side-Pony respectively, but this is only the latest in a successful career in animation.

Although she’s appeared in a number of dramas and musicals, one of her greatest might just be Tiana in The princess and the Frog, a retelling of the classic fairy tale set in 1920s New Orleans. This role also didn’t cement her as a famous singer, but she was able to make the character memorable with her emotional performance. And hopefully she will reprise her role as something fans hope to see in the Disney+ series.

Aaron Eckhart – The Dark Knight (2008)

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Aaron Eckhart plays Caspian’s father in Pantheon and just like his mother, the public will soon have to wait and see what the teenager’s parents do next. But while the actor hasn’t done much voiceover work, he’s starred in some of the biggest movies, one of which is also one of Christopher Nolan’s best.

2008 The black Knight saw him play a charismatic Harvey Dent who slowly breaks down as the Joker attempts to topple Gotham. While this only helped him get more work in Hollywood, he was able to give Harvey Dent a satisfying and sad character journey that few actors could pull off, easily making it his biggest ever role. this day.

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