10 Most Disappointing Off-Screen Deaths In Superhero Shows

There are few things more universally beloved than a superhero story. In recent years, the genre has risen to prominence thanks to The CW’s Arrowverse and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Unfortunately, Tragedy tends to follow heroes wherever they go, and sometimes their loved ones pay the ultimate price.

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With so much going on in an action-packed show, some of those deaths can happen off-screen, putting a disappointing end to a character’s story. Good characters are at the heart of any good superhero show, and it’s always disappointing when an important character dies without getting the proper send off.

10/10 Lucius Fox’s influence succeeded in his death in Batwoman

Any Batman fan will know the character of Lucius Fox. A member of Wayne Industries, he plays a key role in The black Knight and is ready to help Batman stop crime in Gotham. In the CWs batwoman, however, Lucius doesn’t get the chance to show how useful he could be.

Lucius has had an off-screen death before batman even began, and the circumstances of his death remained a mystery until the second half of the first season. With his overriding influence on the show, from his impact on the characters to the inventions he created, it seems a shame fans never got to see this version of Lucius in action.

9/10 Rita Farr left a star in Young Justice

The animated show young justice gives a home to a host of many beloved DC characters. Unfortunately, coveted Doom Patrol member Rita Farr is not part of this roster. Alongside some of her teammates, Rita loses her life on a mission in 2015. She ends up leaving behind her adopted son, Garfield Logan, who follows in her footsteps and becomes a TV star.

With Garfield being such an important character in young justice, it seems like a missed opportunity not to show the people who influenced him. Rita was a hero in her own right, and her adventures could have done great things young justice episodes. Fortunately, his fans can still see him in the Doom Patrol series on HBO Max.

8/10 The simple life of Agnès Rofa of the Umbrella Academy

by Netflix Umbrella Academy doesn’t shy away from portrayals of death, but it allowed Agnes Rofa’s character to come to a quiet end. Agnes was one half of a high-profile romance in the show’s first season, and she was an innocent bystander at the end of the world. She was instrumental in convincing one of the series’ antagonists – Hazel – to leave the life of an assassin behind.


Although Agnès is not a full-fledged superheroine, she brought a softer touch to Umbrella Academy. Fans were relieved to learn of her happy life lived with Hazel, though she sadly passed away from cancer off-screen. His death is only mentioned, but it seems a shame fans didn’t say goodbye to his character.

7/10 Young Justice’s Tula’s Quick Career

young justice is a show that spans many years, and many characters like Tula are lost in the time skips in between. Tula was featured in the show’s first season as a love interest for Kaldur. At the time, she was just a friend of Atlantis, but she would eventually take the title of Aquagirl and join the team of young heroes.

When young justice Season two aired, it was revealed that Tula died while on a mission. As a result, fans couldn’t see her career as Aquagirl. Although Tula’s time on the show was brief, she had a big impact on her castmate’s growth, as her death was the supposed catalyst for the events of the second season.

6/10 Justice League: Unlimited took Ace’s chance at redemption

In the Season 2 episode “Epilogue”, Justice League: Unlimited tells fans about Ace’s death. Ace was a girl with telepathic powers who was used by both the Joker and Cadmus. She was a suspected enemy, but when the League is informed that she will soon die, Batman steps in to see her through the final moments of her life.

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“Epilogue” sticks in the minds of fans because of the compassion shared between the characters. Batman was sent to end Ace’s life before she could cause any more harm, but he chooses to talk to her instead. They don’t share her on-screen death, but when Batman approaches his fellow heroes with her body in his arms, fans realize that while redemption was no longer possible for her, she was not. at least not alone at the end. .

5/10 The Arrowverse Loses Another Captain Cold

The CW’s Arrowverse is known for its many crossovers, and with one of them came the character known as Leo Snart. Leo was introduced in the flashthe episode of “Crisis on Earth-X”. After the events of the crossover, he worked his way into the hearts of fans by helping both the Legends of tomorrow crew and Team Flash in individual episodes.

Despite his popularity, Leo does not stay long. He returns to Earth-X, but is unable to escape the events of another crossover. Earth-X is destroyed during the Anti-Monitor Crisis. As the multiverse is later rebooted, his character is never mentioned again, leaving fans of the character to lose yet another Captain Cold.

4/10 The Flash’s Humble end to Harry Wells

the flash is a long-running show that uses the multiverse, including multiple versions of Harrison Wells. Among them is Harry, the Well of Earth-2. Although his relationship with Team Flash wasn’t always the best, he still managed to become an important part of the other characters’ lives.

He would eventually return home to Earth-2, but like many multiverses in the Arrowverse, he would be destroyed during the Anti-Monitor Crisis. It was a overlooked death of a beloved character, and fans wondered if they would ever see him again. Luckily, a form of him returns after the multiverse reboots.

3/10 Agents of SHIELD Farewell to Peggy Carter

The MCU is home to many characters, and one of the best is Peggy Carter. His death in the MCU was first announced in Captain America: Civil War off-screen, and fans got a chance to say goodbye during his funeral scene. His death was also mentioned in Agents of SHIELDhowever, with nothing more than a brief mention.

It would have been a fantastic opportunity to have another Agent Carter flashback, as she was a prominent founder of their organization. Although it’s the death of this iteration of Peggy’s character, fans can still see her in Marvel’s What if…? and in his own series, Agent Carter.

2/10 Jason Todd’s Robin Career Hasn’t Been Done Justice

Few shows showcase the bat family as well as young justice. Unfortunately, Jason Todd came and went as Robin between the first and second seasons. Fans of the show weren’t able to see him in the role, as a time jumper felt that Tim Drake was the one in the role.

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Jason Todd has always been a fan favorite. Along with the likes of Barbara Gordon, Tim Drake, and Damian Wayne, it’s a strong cast of younger generation bat heroes. Unfortunately, this team member remains painfully unexplored in Young justice.

1/10 Moon Knight Renounces Mercy Granted to Arthur Harrow

moon knight Featured the former Avatar of Khonshu as its main villain. Arthur Harrow takes on an antagonistic role in the first season, and by the end his actions have earned him a spared life in a mental hospital. It seemed like a merciful way to end his story, but it wouldn’t stay that way for long.

As the final credits roll for moon knight, Harrow was murdered by another Marc Spector Quirk, Jake Lockley. The camera pans away from him just before he is killed by Lockley, taking an implied, but off-screen approach to his death.NEXT: 10 Superhero Shows Were Really About Mental Health

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