10 Characters Who Belong On Other TV Shows

Unlike many other sci-fi series, star trek lasted for decades and found success in live television, animation, blockbuster movies, novels, and comics. One of the reasons star trek has been so successful, it is because the series has always been able to adapt and integrate new concepts into its established universe.

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The desire to incorporate new plots and new characters into the star trek universe led to memorable characters and unforgettable storylines. But the expansion into new worlds also resulted in the creation of certain characters that would easily fit into other shows just as well as they would in star trek.

ten Lwaxana Troi could appear on friends

There’s no doubt Councilwoman Deanna Troi loves her mother. But Lwaxana Troi often appears on the Enterprise and embarrasses his daughter with his brash opinions and disregard for social norms. Lwaxana Troi also likes to flirt with the ship’s men in order to make them feel uncomfortable – especially Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

Lwaxana is destined for a life in a sitcom, and of the choices available, she would undoubtedly have the most fun on Friends. The series is known for its dysfunctional parents and difficult intergenerational relationships. Lwaxana would also like to poke fun and meddle in the relationship drama that has so often taken over the show.

9 Dr. Leonard McCoy to take over House, MD

Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy is certainly known for his cantankerous personality, and he certainly has his disagreements with his colleagues. But even in his grumpier moments, Bones cares about his patients and his colleagues.

Dr. Gregory House is also known for his irritable demeanor, but Bones appears on House, MD would provide a good opportunity for House to finally meet his match. Unlike co-workers and bosses on the show, Bones would neither need House’s expertise nor tolerate his attitude. bone on House, MD would finally allow someone to stand up to House, especially during one of the many times House misdiagnoses a patient.

8 Tuvok’s dedication makes law and order fair to him

Tuvok serves as Captain Kathryn Janeway’s spy, security guard, and best friend on board Traveler. His investigations into alleged crimes cleared the ship’s pilot and discovered two different spies aboard the ship. He also trains young officers in Starfleet ways, and he becomes notorious for his inflexibility during training.

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This devotion to always following the rules, no matter how inconvenient, makes Tuvok a great choice to appear on. Law and order. As a detective, Tuvok would conduct a fair and impartial investigation. He would follow the books and ensure that all parties received fair treatment.

seven Christine Chapel’s Romantic Drama Makes Her a Perfect Candidate for Grey’s Anatomy

Strange new worlds gives Christine Chapel a complex personality that includes a fear of commitment and hyper-competence in medical research. She discovers new ways to create crew disguises, even between helping her crush figure out how to deal with her fiancée one week, and the next week pretending to be in a relationship with her crush to stop a pirate plot.

Grey’s Anatomyy may be the only medical show with enough curve balls to fit Chapel. Between secret sisters, ghost lovers and journeys into the afterlife, Grey’s Anatomy created enough twists and turns to fit seamlessly into Chapel’s interpersonal drama.

6 Gwyndala’s morality would make her a good member of the Star Wars: Rebels ghost crew

On Prodigy, The diviner creates Gwyndala as an artificial daughter, often referring to her as his “offspring”. Unfortunately, The Diviner also believes in keeping slaves alive, torturing innocent people, and destroying the Federation. Gwyndala’s heroic journey forces her to stand up to her father and join a group of aspiring Starfleet cadets.

Gwyndala’s decision to stand up to her evil father and join a team dedicated to stopping him fits right in. Star Wars: Rebels. The show takes place between the fall of the Republic and Luke Skywalker becoming a Jedi. As a result, the galaxy is still resisting an evil empire, and that’s Gwyndala’s specialty.

5 Benjamin Sisko is to be a judge on Chopped

While he’s not the only Starfleet captain who enjoys cooking, Captain Benjamin Sisko was raised by his father, Joseph Sisko, owner of Sisko’s Creole Kitchen in New Orleans’ French Quarter. Some of their specialties included blackened rockfish, okra, blood sausage pasta, and shrimp creole. Once Benjamin becomes captain, he often cooks for his crew.

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In short, Captain Sisko grew up around good food and knows how to make it himself. He must be a judge on a cooking show like Chopped so that he can provide the kind of firm advice to future leaders that he is known for on Deep Space Nine.

During Harry Kim’s time on Traveler, he saves the ship several times and overcomes problems with time travel, alternate realities and alien prisons. He behaves exactly as any Federation officer should, and many of the crew owe their lives to him. However, he did not receive a promotion and remained Ensign Harry Kim for seven years.

Kim deserves to be on a show where he can acknowledge the absurdity of his lack of promotion. The best place for Kim to do it is on Office. The second time Tom Paris receives a promotion to lieutenant, while Kim remains an ensign, it’s the perfect time for Harry to look directly at the camera.

3 La’an Noonien-Singh can apply protocol on NCIS

The La’an Noonien-Singh Arch on Strange new worlds implies that she agrees to be related to the most famous villain of star trek history, as well as his experiences with the Gorn. As a result of her experiences, La’an has very strict protocols that she expects from all members of her security team. Unfortunately, Starfleet crew members are sometimes a little too lax for La’an’s liking.

It wouldn’t be a problem for La’an on NCIS. Although the series has several spinoffs, La’an would be more comfortable on the original NCIS. With experienced naval officers, spies, and snipers on her team, La’an would experience the devotion to protocol she dreams of.

2 Nyota Uhura’s Language Skills Match Stargate SG-1 Themes

Nyota Uhura is such a talented linguist that she is able to help decode written language into song as a cadet. But linguistics is not his only skill, because Strange new worlds and The original series demonstrate. Uhura is also a gifted engineer, navigator, and investigator.

While these skills serve Uhura well on the Enterprise, they are also a reason why she would do so well on Stargate SG-1. The show consists of traveling to other worlds without the benefit of a universal translator. Uhura’s language skills and ability to understand other cultures would make her a valuable and irreplaceable member of the team on stargate.

1 As Beverly Crusher’s ghost boyfriend, Ronin belongs to Buffy

In The next generation episode, “Sub Rosa”, Dr. Beverly Crusher goes to her grandmother’s funeral and ends up falling in love with Ronin, her grandmother’s former boyfriend. Ronin is not corporeal, and in his “ghost” form, he and Crusher become intimate. Ronin also manipulates Crusher’s mind into wanting to leave the Enterprise and possesses Crusher’s grandmother’s corpse to attack Crusher’s teammates.

Turns out Ronin is an alien, not a ghost. Despite this fact, Ronin and his twisted and dubious mind-control seduction techniques would make him a suitable character on buffy the vampire slayer. The show frequently features bad romantic choices with female leads who deserve better lovers, and that describes the plot of “Sub Rosa” well.

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