10 bizarre JoJo adventure games that should exist (and each of their genres)

There is no shortage of weird and unique animated series, but Hirohiko Araki JoJo’s bizarre adventure is truly in a class of its own. JoJo’s bizarre adventure has fascinated audiences for over 30 years and has created a subversive and serialized narrative that spans several generations of characters.

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Like most of the most popular animated series, JoJo’s bizarre adventure has received a number of video game adaptations, some of which have even been located outside of Japan. With the release of Ocean stone anime adaptation and a new manga episode on the way, it’s never been a better time for more Jojo video games to invade the industry. There are compelling ideas and untapped potential that would be perfect for different kinds of Jojo video games.

ten A Steel Ball Run racing game is a unique version of the genre

Finish Line JoJo Bizarre Adventure Steel Ball Run

Each chapter of JoJo’s bizarre adventure is extremely unique, but the seventh installment really mixes things up with the universe reset. The new direction in Steel ball stroke is a cross-country race which revolves around the corpse of a legendary divine figure. Steel ball stroke is a breath of fresh air for by Jojo manga, but it’s also a tailor-made saga for a racing game. None of the above Jojo the games explore the racing genre and few shonen properties in general have an excuse for doing so. In addition, few racing titles use horses.

9 JoJolion’s Higashikata Fruit Orchard is perfect for a Harvest Moon style play

Manga Jojolion Rokakaka Orchard on fire

JoJolion just wrapped up their long manga run and it’s definitely one of the strangest and widest chapters in the franchise. A major relic that characters seek for JoJolion is the magical fruit of Rokakaka, which contains mysterious restorative abilities. This fruit exists in the famous orchard of the Higashikata family. A management simulation game like Harvest moon would be such a calm creative approach. Characters can face threats such as enemy stands as well as the more entrenched elements of nature that can endanger a crop.

8 Stone Ocean’s unique inmates are perfect for a two-on-two fighting game

Jolene Cujoh and the rest of the cast of Stone Ocean

Ocean of stone recently received new levels of acclaim due to its finally receiving an anime adaptation. Ocean of stone has been fairly neglected with regard to the previous one Jojo video games. There is a lot of appeal to finally give to Jolyne Cujoh and the rest of Green Dolphin Street Prison their due.

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Ocean of stone might work like many genres of video games, but the series has such a diverse and enjoyable cast that a two-man fighting game might just show them all. A traditional Ocean of stone fighter would make this chapter of the saga more accessible.

seven Golden Wind criminal enterprise reportedly thrives under Yakuza treatment

JoJo Golden Wind Team Bucciarati Boat

Golden Wind is one of the most popular sagas in JoJo’s bizarre adventure and there are already video games that focus specifically on Giorno Giovanna’s selfless journey through Italy. Golden Wind starts with the indoctrination by Giorno of Bruno Bucciarati’s gang, which he slowly manages to reform. Passione’s biggest crowd has a stored history and it would be fascinating to get a video game that specifically focuses on the golden wind serious gang activity, as in the open-world action-adventure RPG franchise, Yakuza. The early days of the Bucciarati Gang have untapped storytelling potential.

6 Battle Tendency’s spooky pillar men would thrive in the fighting genre

Combat tendency is a pivotal chapter in JoJo’s bizarre adventure, but he’s often overlooked due to his shorter length and earlier placement in the series during his pre-stand days. There is a satisfaction Jojo game that covers the events of Ghost blood, but it didn’t have enough impact to be the same with Tendency to combat. One of Combat tendency best elements is Kars and the intimidating Pillar Men. A fighting game that emphasizes the Pillar Men as enemies would be a lot of fun, maybe even with its own Create-A-Pillar Man option.

5 Stardust Crusaders DIO Castle is ripe for Metroidvania-style exploration

JoJo Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders Castle DIO Egypt

Each payment in JoJo’s bizarre adventure is important in its own way, but there is an extra level of weight that is placed on Stardust Crusaders, the longest anime entry in the series. Stardust Crusaders takes Joseph Joestar, Jotaro Kujo and many more through Egypt until they finally reach DIO Castle.

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A very unique place for a Jojo game would be to focus exclusively on the intimidating seat of DIO and turn to Castlevania for stylistic inspiration. A confusing maze with Stand-based monsters and vampires is something not explored in previous ones Jojo games, but has endless potential.

4 JoJolion’s Higashikata family is the ultimate board game host

Manga JoJolion Extended Higashkita Family Photo

There’s a lot of fun to be had in minigame compilations and party titles, but it’s a genre that’s often seen as synonymous with shoveling and lazier attempts at what qualifies as a video game. That being said, board games are always a delight when run efficiently and have an engaging cast of characters to fall back on. JoJolion offers what looks like an infinite amount of Members of the Higashikata family, which are all a delight. It’s easy to imagine a board game that focuses on this weird extended family, and there’s tons of potential in it. Jojo mini games.

3 Golden Wind’s torture dance could fuel an unruly rhythm game

Narancia, Mista and Fugo performing the dance of torture

The rhythm game genre has slowly evolved from a niche interest to a more mainstream one and there are a lot of inventive twists and turns on what defines a rhythm game. There are a fair amount of anime rhythm games and Jojo is certainly a series elegant and flashy enough to fit into the genre. One of the most memorable sequences of Golden Wind involves a choreographed gang of the Bucciarati Gang which doubles as a unique form of torture. This torture dance could be a great starting point for a Golden Wind rhythmic title where dance becomes combat.

2 There is a strong murder mystery game inside the diamond is unbreakable

Anime JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Yoshikage Kira Killer Queen Stand

The diamond is unbreakable is one of the most popular Jojo entries for a number of reasons, but one of the show’s strengths is how it fleshes out the community of Morioh. At the end of the series, the whole neighborhood contributes to the defeat of Yoshikage Kira. The diamond is unbreakable features a crafty serial killer who cripples Morioh. This is great material for a murder mystery video game where identifying and apprehending Kira is paramount, while odd jobs useful to Morioh become extra quests to do during downtime.

1 A Beat-‘Em-Up Across Egypt Is Just What Stardust Crusaders Needs

Last episode of Stardust Crusaders

Stardust Crusaders is one of the most bulky Jojo rooms and it is arguably the most culpable of falling into a repetitive pattern as Joseph, Jotaro, and the company confront countless enemy Stands users on their adventures through Egypt. There are so many supporting villains in Stardust Crusaders that he has the most attraction among all the others Jojo chapter to function as a beat-’em-up title. Jojo the beat-’em-up titles exist, but it is the rich framework of Stardust Crusaders that makes this idea work so well. Plus, the audience deserves to play the part of Iggy.

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