10 Best Shows Like War Of The Worlds

With its third season just beginning, the original Epix series War of the Worlds promises more post-apocalyptic sci-fi action than fans expect. Although it’s a clever reimagining of a classic tale about an alien invasion, War of the Worlds follows in a long line of terrific sci-fi shows that are just as binge-worthy and far more conceptual.

Whether it’s heady science fiction like Raised by wolves or more action-oriented programs like Challengethere are plenty of shows to fill the gap between episodes of War of the Worlds. While strong sci-fi is pretty common on TV these days, only the best have the same dark, emotional tone as the hit Epix.


Invasion (2021–present)

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War of the Worlds tells its story in a world that has already been devastated by aliens, but Invasion puts the viewer right in the middle of the action. The show follows five disparate people across the globe as they come face to face with alien forces invading earth.

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While some fans were disappointed with the show’s lack of aliens, it places more emphasis on the personal impact of such a cataclysmic event. With veteran actors like Sam Neill in the cast, the show is sure to continue to soar in its subsequent seasons.

Earth: Final Conflict (1997-2002)

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star trek creator Gene Roddenberry has worked on many projects throughout his career, but Earth: Final Conflict was one he would unfortunately not live to see. The show follows a group of earthlings who are skeptical of the generosity of an alien race that has arrived to help humans.

Filled with mystery and suspense, Final conflict is the ideal companion for War of the Worlds because it is still a lot of analyzing human society in the face of the crisis. Although this may seem corny by today’s standards, Final conflict was noticeably smarter than many viewers believed.

Revolution (2012-2014)

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However Revolution has nothing to do with an alien invasion, its post-apocalyptic setting is quite similar to that of War of the Worlds. Years after the earth suddenly loses all power, the people of a small society lead a revolution against an authoritarian regime.

Generally considered one of the best two-season shows of all time, Revolution was a breath of fresh air for beleaguered sci-fi fanatics. Avoiding the usual tropes of most sci-fi movies, the series had an interesting premise that tackled modern topics like politics with a healthy dose of class. Plus, its short length makes it a perfectly bingable series.

V (2009-2011)

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As a reboot of the classic 80s series, V had a distinctly negative view of human-extraterrestrial cooperation. After a mysterious alien race arrives on Earth, their darkest intentions begin to be revealed as they make their way through human society.

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In the same way as the War of the Worlds is loosely based on classic science fiction, V is also a tribute that does its thing. Although it’s light on typical sci-fi tropes, the gripping elements of suspense and horror make it equally chilling and fascinating.

The End of Childhood (2015)

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The works of author Arthur C. Clarke produced science fiction classics like 2001: A Space Odysseybut his lesser-known novel end of childhood is equally exciting. The miniseries of the same name follows humanity as it grapples with the indirect rule of an alien race that makes Earth a utopia.

Philosophical and heady, end of childhood is like a smarter mirror image of War of the Worlds” questions about humanity. Avoiding the usual ill-intentioned extraterrestrials of science fiction, the real purpose of the extraterrestrials is not so benevolent. As with most of Clarke’s work, this is the next stage of human evolution and what it will mean for those left behind.

Hi (2017-2018)

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Aliens destroying Earth have been done a million times before in the best invasion movies, but Hi engineered a threat of an entirely different variety. Two scientists make the shocking discovery that an asteroid will destroy Earth in less than six months.

With fate hanging over every episode, Hi is an extremely suspenseful experience. As War of the Worlds, the show explores the humanity of the characters as they attempt to deal with the devastation. Although light on sci-fi, the show is still a pre-apocalyptic thriller that can be enjoyed over a weekend.

Challenge (2013–2015)

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However War of the Worlds it is rather a violent invasion, Challenge concerns the much more subtle problem of colonization. In the not-too-distant future, Earth becomes a hub for alien colonies, and the series focuses on the struggles of humans caught in the middle.

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With its post-apocalyptic setting and alien characters, the show is a perfect blend of modern and classic sci-fi sensibilities. The characters are really what helps Challenge shine, and the struggles between alien races add a level of intrigue not found in most modern sci-fi shows.

Falling Skies (2011-2015)

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War of the Worlds shows that humans are essentially powerless against the power of an invading alien force, but falling sky offers a story of challenge. In the wake of the company ending the alien attacks on the planet, the surviving humans unite to fight against the alien threat.

Blending drama, sci-fi, and action, the series has everything the casual viewer is looking for. Plus, the complex relationship between humans and aliens is perfect for die-hard sci-fi fans looking for something more. While most modern sci-fi series don’t last long, falling sky had a respectable run on the air.

Colony (2016-2018)

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However Colony on a global scale, it limits most of its story to a single family, allowing for greater drama. After aliens invade Earth, a family tries to keep things together in the wake of a society that has crumbled and reformed into a new world order.

As War of the Worlds which also relies heavily on its characters, Colony is above all a drama wrapped in sci-fi. While its sci-fi aspects are mostly standard, the interpersonal drama is enough to keep the viewer engaged, and the series has enough twists and turns to keep things interesting.

Raised by Wolves (2020-2022)

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Generally considered one of HBO’s best original series, Raised by wolves reminded viewers just how good a sci-fi series could be. Settled in a human colony on a mysterious planet, two androids are tasked with raising human children despite the objections of the other colonists.

Sporting a post-apocalyptic aesthetic similar to War of the Worlds, Raised by wolves uses its science fiction premises to analyze the nature of man and his relationship to parenthood. While this may be too slow for some viewers’ tastes, Raised by wolves helped elevate modern science fiction beyond the bounds of what many thought possible in a weekly episodic television series.

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