10 Best Football Shows Of All Time, According To IMDB

As fans await the NFL Draft on April 28, there isn’t much news coming out of the league. After the huge news at the start of the offseason, most teams pulled out to prepare for the draft, and fans have nothing to hold their attention except for a few practice sessions. mad.

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But, while fans wait, there are options to pass the time. Instead of spending time rewatching old games, fans can always just turn on some football-related TV shows.

ten Ballers – 7.6

Ricky and Spencer stand at the kitchen counter on Ballers

Ballers was a show about fictional NFL players dealing with the financial realities of professional football. The show explores players still at the peak of their careers and retired players who are still looking to monetize the League as much as they still can.

During the offseason, when major sports game franchises like mad can’t scratch that branch itch, Ballers can at least play the role of exploring the finances of NFL players, while providing gaming experiences for fans. Plus, when Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson plays in a franchise, it’s hard. do not to enjoy !

9 All or Nothing: Michigan Wolverines – 7.6

Wolverines All or Nothing

Contrary to Ballers, All or nothing is a series made for football fans. As one of the best sports documentaries, All or nothing works to provide an in-depth look at a particular team’s process over the course of a season. Michigan Wolverines It was the series’ first time approaching College Football, and Wolverines fans loved the chance to peek inside the schedule.

From quarterback battles to heartbreaking injuries to Coach Harbaugh’s khaki collection, the show managed to capture everything about the Wolverines season, while introducing touching new elements for fans to enjoy. There’s a reason he managed to earn a 7.6 rating on IMDB, after all, and it certainly wasn’t for Michigan’s 8-5 season result.


8 All or Nothing: Dallas Cowboys – 7.7

Dallas Cowboys All or Nothing

Another entry in the All or nothing series, Dallas Cowboys was the third documentary series with the moniker, and it definitely got fans interested. Capturing a star player’s suspension for off-field activities, Dallas Cowboys features both action on the pitch and gripping drama when the players are out of uniform.

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This season highlighted what would prove to be a surprisingly turbulent season for the Cowboys. Still, it gave fans hope by showcasing the team’s quality leadership and adding a few touches of humor. Some say the Cowboys still haven’t figured out the San Diego Chargers have moved to Los Angeles.

7 All or Nothing: A Season with the Los Angeles Rams – 7.7

LA rams promo pic all or nothing

Speaking of Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Rams edition of All or nothing managed to match Dallas Cowboys in terms of IMDB ratings, earning a similar score of 7.7. Showcasing one of the worst seasons in Rams history, the documentary captured exactly what happened shortly after the St. Louis Rams took their team to Los Angeles and the 4-12 season that resulted.

In a somewhat exaggerated moment in the history of the sport, fans got a chance to get an in-depth look at the exact path that led to one coach losing his job and another getting his first coaching opportunity- NFL leader. For anyone interested in watching a disaster in the making, this series is the perfect opportunity and an easy watch.

6 The League – 8.3

netflix league promotional photo

For Fantasy Football fans who don’t necessarily want to spend the offseason listening to fantasy sports podcasts, The league was a comedy show that followed a group of friends through their fantasy football-related shenanigans. Filled with drama and (somewhat) lighthearted humor, the show managed to gain a passionate fan base.

The league doesn’t even require viewers to be familiar with the rules of football or its fantasy offshoot. As long as viewers are looking for a fun way to spend the day, The league is an available option and sure to be a good time.

5 Hard Knocks – 8.4

Shared image of Baker Mayfield and Mark Sanchez

Another show exploring behind-the-scenes footage of NFL teams, hard knocks takes the unique approach of ignoring the regular season. The show specifically focuses on training camp and the teams’ other offseason preparations, including practice, personal life, and the inevitable and tragic day the teams must downsize the roster.

With over a dozen seasons, hard knocks introduced fans to what it’s really like at an NFL training camp. It has also helped generate a lot of sympathy for players and coaches, as they are forced to work their way into the regular season with only a fraction of the players the seasons start with. Often heartbreaking for fans, the series truly proves what it takes to be an NFL coach and how difficult it can be to be a player.

4 Playmakers – 4.4

The Cougars football team lines up at the Playmakers locker room

playmakers was a drama revolving around the lives of a few professional football players trying to make it in a fictionalized version of the NFL. Not really a show designed for non-football fans, the show detailed some of the difficulties of surviving as an NFL player, such as coping with injured reserve, mandatory drug tests, personal romantic life and legal problems.

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The show won several awards during its season and only came to an end due to external pressure on NFL producers. However, despite its short duration, playmakers was an amazing series that is sure to keep most NFL fans entertained.

3 Blue Mountains State – 8.4

Alan Ritchson Thad Castle in the Blue Mountain State Show

A sports show for non-sports fans, blue mountain state was less about the reality of college football and more about the hijinx of a backup quarterback and his entourage. The series’ unrelenting humor has helped lift it to its high IMDb rating and into the hearts of countless fans.

For fans in the mood for a football show that doesn’t take itself too seriously, doesn’t worry about the Xs and O’s of football, and doesn’t mind being steamy once in a while, blue mountain state is a great way to pass the time.

2 All or Nothing: A Season with the Arizona Cardinals – 8.6

All or nothing

In the first season of All or nothing, fans got a chance to see a Super Bowl contender launch nationally. The series explores the team’s evolution from the NFL draft season to a tragic end in the playoffs.

Filled with drama, turmoil and surprisingly detailed insight into the operations of the NFL, this series is a must for football fans and a compelling documentary for anyone who might wonder what it’s like behind the scenes of a team. Hit NFL.

1 Friday Night Lights – 8.8

Split image of Eric, Tami, Vince and Luke in Friday Night Lights

A fictional account of a high school football team, Friday night lights follows a trainer and his family through several seasons and many moments of intrigue and drama. Exploring the effects of significant injuries, family struggles and relationships, the series is surprisingly heartfelt and has quickly gained popularity.

Having earned an 8.8 rating on IMDB – the highest of any football show – the series has many fans who remember it fondly even today, 10 years after it ended its run. For football fans looking to pass the time until the draft, there’s no better way to do it than with Friday night lights.

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