10 best adventure games to choose from

Player freedom is perhaps the most important aspect of gaming as a medium. This is what allows completely unique experiences between players. Players have long dreamed of having a truly free game, which allows players to make the choice they want, and the game will fit perfectly in both story and gameplay. In each generation, players see more and more attempts in this direction with adaptive enemies, branching paths and other aspects.

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Unfortunately, no game can offer a truly free experience due to the costs of creating a single path. Creating a large number of courses and stories, all with different strengths and the same level of writing, is out of the question for most genres. But, thanks to clever mechanics, cost-saving tricks, and engaging writing, a few games offer a taste of your own adventure experience, and they’re all worthy of your attention.


10/10 FTL: faster than light

Not quite a choose your own adventure, but FTL has many of the same appeal while offering a unique style of play. This strategy game sees you take control of one of many ships, dart away from an expanding rebel fleet to deliver intel that could win a war, hop between outposts and planets to battle or fill up.

Although FTL focuses more on gameplay than storytelling, it’s still all about choice – the actions you take at each beacon will decide whether you can get enough gear, fight or even survive your crew. . You’ll have to make dozens of split-second decisions to survive as FTL is brutal and unforgiving, making it a great mix of strategy, roguelike elements, and choice.

9/10 Until dawn

Choose your own adventure and branching paths have always been a major selling point for games, even if they can never deliver on the promise of “truly unique stories”, and Until dawn definitely tried to sell himself on it. This take on a horror movie sees you controlling multiple characters and making choices and QTEs that will decide who lives and who dies.

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The game’s writing captures much of the charm, campness, and genuine scares of a classic horror movie. Also, the characters here are actually pretty well written, and the game has a really good mystery that it builds throughout the game. The only thing holding this story back is that the choices aren’t as deep as you are lead to believe it, and the game only really ends in a way that’s rather underwhelming – even if it’s still a great ending.

8/10 Tales from the Borders

Telltale Games was a titan at choosing your own style of adventure, and Tales from the Borders is easily one of their best adaptations. This game is a side story set in the Borderlands universe, following both a Hyperion worker and a petty thief as their paths cross, and they find themselves part of a grand conspiracy of vaults, hunters, and dead businesses.

The game has wonderful writing, building up some surprisingly complex characters with the main cast while delivering plenty of laughs along the way. It’s the perfect mix of goofy comedy and heartfelt heart to craft an amazing story. The only thing holding it back is that the Telltale format doesn’t let the choice be too big, but if that’s your thing, it’s one hell of a story.

7/10 The Walking Dead Season 1

Another Telltale classic and possibly their best work, the walking dead is a landmark title for the Choose Your Own Adventure format. The game is an adaptation of the comic book and the TV show, featuring a new story set in the zombie apocalypse. This story follows Lee, a convict, who finds himself trying to survive and protect a little girl named Clementine as they cross country.

The game has been praised numerous times for the excellent character writing, the dark and suffocating atmosphere, and the unique way it puts the player in someone’s shoes in this apocalypse to show how horrifying it would be. . Although it has the same problem as all Telltale games, The Walking Dead easily presents itself as a linear story and is a must-play.

6/10 sleeper citizen

For a game that really immerses you in its universe and its characters, sleeper citizen is unmatched. This game sees you take control of a Sleeper, an artificial human made to break down and be possessed, escaping to a strange space station on the edge of the galaxy. You must use your dice resources each day to explore, work, and eventually find a way to get rid of the chase and be truly free.

The game offers a good level of choice with multiple areas to explore and ways to escape the space station through different characters, although unfortunately you don’t have much choice in the actual paths. But the tense experience of barely managing to afford drugs, getting to know the lovable characters, and just enjoying the unique sense of wonder more than makes up for it.

5/10 Bad End Theater

A lesser known game, Bad End Theater is a unique mix of choose your own adventure, puzzle and pure misery. Bad End Theater lets you take control of the theater of Tragedy to play through a classic story of a knight, a maiden, monsters, and a villain over and over again. You’ll change how each of the four characters acts and play through each of their perspectives to find each tragedy.

Bad End Theater manages to turn the branching paths of choosing your own adventure into a fascinating puzzle as you ponder the choices you’ve already made to see each final scene. Not to mention, the game has plenty of charm with wonderful art and simple yet adorable characters to shatter whatever you put them through. A very short but fun game.

4/10 The Henry Stickmin Collection

It is difficult to create branching paths due to the amount of content that comes with games, it is impossible to create more than a handful. So how are you going to do it? Henry Stickmin gives the simple answer of “don’t play games”. The Henry Stickmin Collection is a remaster of 5 flash games plus a new sixth to tie the series together, each following Henry Stickmin’s escapades to steal things and escape.

Now it’s less of a game and more of just an interactive movie where you select choices and see how it hilariously succeeds or fails. This collection relies heavily on his comedy, and luckily there’s more than enough to carry around! This lack of gameplay also allows for hundreds of choices and dozens of paths to choose from, giving the experience of an old choose-your-own adventure book.

3/10 Not for broadcast

Full Motion video games are a trend that never really caught on, but they still hold some exciting promise, and Not for broadcast exploits some of that. Not For Broadcast sees you take control of a national news broadcast during a time of turmoil and change. You have to balance both putting on a competent show and influencing your country.

Where most games that have tried to use it have been held back by video, Not For Broadcast shines by offering phenomenal acting and story while having gameplay that allows the player to give their full attention. to this story to make correct changes. The player choice on offer here is excellent at ensuring the game is truly replayable by showing an insane amount of new content for the smallest of choices. Definitely a unique game to try.

2/10 Disco Elysee

Disco Elysee is one of the best stories ever told through a video game, managing to use the medium’s strengths perfectly to tell it. This game follows you around like a drunken, washed-up apology from a cop, having gotten amnesia from drinking too much. You’ll have to piece together who you are, what world you live in, what business you’ve been given, and what you’re going to do with yourself.

Disco is a game with an incredible level of depth in its writing. Each character has a lot of nuance and offers so much emotion that you get to know this world firsthand and find your place. Although the game is mostly linear, the choose your own adventure aspect shines in the fact that all of your actions, dialogue and everything you do comes together to decide who you’re going to be in your failure story, and that’s so special in that regard.

1/10 The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante

While that game has been swept cleanly under the radar, The Life and Suffering of Sir Brant is easily the best pick of adventure games ever made. The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante sees you following the life of a Sir Brante in a strange medieval world, and you must guide him and decide how he will affect the story itself.

Sir Brante builds an intriguing world and cast of characters to explore, all of which are great to learn about and then watch change and change as you make choices. The game feels like your choices really matter, opening doors and completely changing the stories you’ll see in future chapters. The choices you make at the very beginning will always have consequences at the very end, making you feel like you really matter in this world, which is really what choosing your own dream adventure is all about.

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