10 best adventure games on Nintendo Switch


The adventure genre has dominated the Nintendo Switch with massive successes like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Hollow Knight being among the most popular and instantly recognizable games. From indie strategy games to RPG mysteries, there’s no shortage of titles for gamers looking for their next big adventure.

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The best games among these titles combine stunning visuals with compelling storylines, often taking players on an immersive journey through uniquely designed worlds. These games were designed to keep Switch users entertained, often making it impossible to put down the handheld console.

ten To the moon

An image showing the three main characters standing in a playground in the Switch To The Moon game.

Developed and published by Freebird Games, To the moon is one of the most criminally underrated indie games for the Switch. It has a fascinating premise centered around two doctors whose job it is to give dying patients a whole new life by altering their memories. In the game, they come across the puzzling case of Johnny, whose only wish is to go to the moon.

Players who expect exciting fights and action-packed moments should steer clear of this title, as it has a strong storytelling focus. The goal is to investigate Johnny’s past to find clues and solve puzzles, all with the goal of giving him the artificial memories he wants. Its immersive story is a treat for anyone who enjoys emotional tales and heartbreaking endings.

9 Ori and the will of the wisps

Ori fights a massive monster boss in the Nintendo Switch game Ori and the Will of the Wisps.

Ori and the will of the wisps was developed by Moon Studios as a sequel to Ori and the Blind Forest. The platform adventure follows the story of the white guardian spirit, Ori, who must venture through beautiful forests and dark caves to discover his true destiny and save the land of Niwen.

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This Metroidvania game improves on the original with a bigger world, better combat system, and an even more memorable soundtrack that showcases the emotional narrative of the game. Each location reveals more about the protagonist’s story, which must maximize his spiritual weapons and use his puzzle-solving abilities to get through each beautifully crafted level. Will of the Wisps is an immersive experience in a well-designed surreal world full of mysterious creatures who each have a compelling story to tell.

8 At the sea!

A woman reclines in her chair as an image of a ship floats on the sea in the Switch Overboard game.

At the sea! is a unique take on thriller story by developer Inkle. In this case, it is the player who murdered an SS passenger. To hang up and now must find a way out. A game only lasts about half an hour, but the game is designed to be replayable so that players learn from their mistakes and end up committing the perfect crime.

The short and sweet Switch game is full of puzzles and twists that are deliciously shocking even for the most seasoned gamer. This can be exciting at times, especially when players have to choose the right lies, cover up evidence, or accuse other NPCs who won’t confess easily. Players have to be strategic to get the game perfect and get away with a murder.

7 Florence

A young woman floats down an urban alley as a person walks by in the Nintendo Switch game Florence.

Florence is an independent adventure slice developed by Mountains. The game stars Florence Yeoh, who is on average 20 years old and goes through her boring routines – commuting, working, scrolling through social media, and trying to sleep. All of that changes when she meets Krish, a cellist who ends up breaking this routine and changes Florence in the process.

Florence and Krish’s moving love story unfolds in six chapters, each telling different parts of their relationship. The game is surprisingly not rich in dialogue, as it relies on simple yet beautiful visuals and movements to tell the story of Florence. It’s a simple game where players can solve puzzles to help the protagonist understand their thoughts and feelings, all set in a well-designed world with a unique art style.

6 A short hike

Claire the Bird searches an abandoned yard in the Nintendo Switch game A Short Hike.

A short hike is one of the most relaxing Nintendo Switch games that takes players on a fun adventure through an open world park. It was developed and published by Adam Robinson-Yu, who created the game with a simple premise: Claire, an anthropomorphic bird, must climb to the top of a mountain to find cell phone reception.

This deceptively simple core of the story is just the tip of the iceberg, as the game is full of well-designed areas to explore and fun side quests to complete. Claire can interact with other animals and help them on their own journeys. From fishing to finding lost items, there are plenty of in-game mini-adventures that encourage players to take the time to enjoy the trip instead of focusing on the top.

5 80 days

A screenshot showing two players talking to each other in the Nintendo Switch 80 Days game.

80 days takes players on an epic adventure across the world, where players must travel 150 cities as a valet, Passepartout. Developed by Inkle, this game offers players thousands of possibilities to explore. Each city has a compelling story for the player to uncover, while making crucial decisions about the next leg of their journey.

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As a valet, the players must take care of Mr. Phileas Fogg and ensure that he is in good health, while managing the finances, the luggage and the means of transport. It’s a fun strategy game and its steampunk style world never ceases to challenge the protagonist. Each part is never the same, as there are always new paths, Easter eggs, hidden objects and dialogue to discover.

4 Fire watch

A gamer holds a walkie-talkie while watching the setting sun in Switch's Firewatch game.

Fire watch is a mystery adventure game developed by Campo Santo. It follows the story of Henry, who is a fire watcher whose only means of communication is a walkie-talkie. He is drawn into the forest of Wyoming, where he discovers that the wilderness holds many secrets.

Fire watch strongly depends on the player’s choices. Each decision influences the narrative and ultimately shapes the end of the game. The brilliant dialogue and strikingly beautiful graphics make it a fully immersive experience that will keep players laughing (and sometimes crying) until its conclusion.

3 Night in the woods

Mae stands in a graveyard and watches a radio tower in the Switch game A Night in the Woods.

Developed by Infinite Fall, Night in the woods is a 2D adventure platformer set in the sleepy town of Possum Springs. The protagonist, Mae Borowski, must confront her past and try to reconnect with her friends and family, who all changed while she was in college.

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With tons of mini-games, well-written dialogues, and secret areas to discover, Night in the woods never gets boring – in fact, the city always seems to change. Players must explore the cause of these changes by embarking on a nostalgic, often heartfelt adventure, both in the protagonist’s past and in the city’s mysterious forests. Despite the crazy events that take place in Possum Springs, the tale always comes back to Mae and her story, which is a fascinating and moving journey of self-discovery.

2 Hollow Knight

A knight fights a cat-like enemy at night in the Hollow Knight game for Nintendo Switch.

Hollow Knight is an action-adventure Metroidvania that follows the Nameless Knight through the interconnected rooms of Hallownest. Players must slowly piece together the protagonist’s story and discover more about the world as they battle the bugs and contaminated bugs. The stronger the knight gets, the farther players can venture to reveal and trace more areas of the map.

Hollow Knight is considered one of the most difficult games on the Switch, as it has brutal boss fights hidden in its many caves. It’s hard to hold a button down to heal, especially in the midst of a barrage of ruthless enemy attacks. However, the difficulty is more rewarding than punitive, as players slowly but surely learn more about the lore of ancient cities and encounter interesting NPCs along the way.

1 The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Zelda Breath of the Wild open world issues resolved

by Nintendo Breath of the wild is arguably his best entry into THE Legend of Zelda franchise. It continues the story of Link, who has awakened in the realm of Hyrule and must now find a way to save him. He has to run, climb, swim, fight, cook, clean shrines and more in the huge kingdom.

Breath of the wild is an epic adventure through Hyrule, where players are encouraged through its non-linear gameplay to explore the world freely. There is an endless barrage of activities for Link, who can spend hours and hours traveling to visually stunning places. With gripping storytelling, iconic villains and brilliant game design, the game has reinvented and reinvigorated the Zelda format, taking players on an awe-inspiring and unforgettable adventure.

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